Need Friends, Not Judgement.

Sitting at home all day, looking out the window? your best friend are your children because they're the only ones that don't judge you? You love that, but you still wish someone "your age" was in the room with you, not judging you, but being a friend, that doesn't judge, doesn't tell you what your doing wrong. You can't go out in public without feeling someone is talking behind your back whispering that you obviously don't feed that child of yours? Some time it feels like its not even worth it ,going out and trying to enjoy yourself, because if you had a date night with a babysitter available, and somone asks you where the baby is when your about to sit down and enjoy yourself for the 1st time in a month or so, you feel like they're calling you out that you just gave your baby away to be selfish and careless. This is a Support group for those like you. For those that need people behind their backs even if the husband thinks he understands. we're here to ask questions, to be friends, to enjoy each other while we're home with the kids. No judgment here, your the mother of your child not us. we welcome you with open arms.


Sizing up

It is such a involuntary response, you walk into a room and you size up and are sized up. Mom's immediately judge by appearance of you and your child and either feel inferior...


well.. i just made a apointment

this makes me feel guilty, selfish, and annoying. but, i made a apointment to figure out if this crap i'm going through is depression and if it can be fixed. i'm tired of...



what are the things that you do for YOURSELF, to make YOU feel important when everyone seems to fail to help you feel that way?