Is anyone trying to build followers on Twitter

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Hi ladies,

I recently signed up for Twitter. Is anyone else out there trying to build followers on twitter? Do you have any tips?

Maybe we can help each other. If anyone follows me on Twitter, I´ll follow you back. My Twitter is SAupairFamily



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Hi Paula,

I am trying to get it all figured out as well. One thing I have been trying is following profiles that are somehow related to my buisness. For example:

I have my own mineral makeup line, so I started following fashion blogs, style mags, anything fashion related. Well I started to follow the style network, I tweeted a makeup tip to them (they asked for people to and said they may profile the best tips on their website as tips of the week, great free plublicity), they ended up tweeting my makeup tip with a link back to me, they have 800 thousand followers, so this is a great way to get noticed. I went from one follower to 20 in a matter if minutes. Needless to say my website also had an influx of hits at that moment. I was quite pleased with this little discovery lol.

So seek out buisness that are the authority in your feild and try to get them to see you as an authority so they will tweet about you.

I have also been doing mass amounts of twitter research from experts. At first I was intimidated and thought it was going to be a waste, but jnow that I am learning some of the angles maybe it will be an asset.

Here is my twitter address:

This is a great conversation to start, thank yhou for bringing it up.


Marcelle - posted on 06/15/2010




Yes, I am onlinemediasupp (short for my business name). I've followed you both.

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