Evil Mother in law!

Cynthia - posted on 05/03/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Well for starters when I was pregnant my mother in law and her daughter use to argue that my daughter is their baby no one else. That use to piss me off.

On the 16th of April we were going on vacation with my mother in law and 4 of kids. We rented a van but the company at the last minute didnt give it to us for a poor excuse. So we went in my mother in laws car. She ended up packing 3 bags for each kid and herself so we couldnt fit my daughter stroller. Me and my boyfriend had 3bags all together one for me, my 5month old, and him.

We were suppose to drive straight through but she wanted to stop at NC to see her marine son. I was fine with that as long as it was less than 8hrs over there but no we spent 17hrs there. We got stranded at the hotel in NC because she let her son borrow the car when its our vacation not his. We were so upset. and we couldn't go for a walk because we didnt have a stroller thank to the evil lady.

Then she decided when we got to Florida to call her old FRIENDS that now live there and are pastors and they ended up visiting the hotel the first day.

Then she promised the kids to take them to Disney and when we got to Florida she said she didn't have enough money to go anywhere.

She went to church everyday mon-fri over there and took the car and left me, my boyfriend, and daughter stranded in the hotel. luckily we bought a stroller as soon as we got there.

One day she dropped us off at universal studios and said she'll pick us up at 7pm when it closed and while we entered the second park at 4pm she called and said she was at aquatica and that she was gonna pick us up at 6pm. Then when we got to our second ride in the second park she said to come out and leave that she was there and it was only 5pm. I was so pissed.

I also have a sister in Florida that I haven't seen for 3years and I only got to spend 10mins with her that whole week cuz the evil lady didnt let us take the car. She kept saying it's my car I can do whatever. I found that messed up cuz we did pay 250$ of gas for it.

AND on top of all that she was tryna be slick and make us take turns paying for dinner breakfast n lunch. like I find that funny because their like 70 to 80$ alone and me n the hubs were only less than 20$. We told her hell no. Plus the whole week she was bitchin at us.

When we were driving back home I cried for a whole hour while my hubby drove and everyone slept because even though my hubby tried to make the best of the vacation and we found things that we could walk to and have fun at I was still upset and heartbroken because I couldnt spend more time with my sister and my sister couldnt spend time with my daughter, her niece.

So I said I don't want my mother in law to see me or my daughter for a whole year. I want her to suffer like I did. BUt the hubby was mad slick and let his mom stop by but I didnt let her in but he still brought my daughter outside to see her.

I wanna cuss him out soooo badly.

I dont know what to do?


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My-Thuy - posted on 05/06/2010




I think you should talk to your Mother in law. Tell her exactly how you feel and why you feel that way in a respectful manner as possiable. aruging, no one gets heard. If she starts to get mad. Tell her to calm down and if she doesnt then leave until she can finally be an adult and talk to you like one. What she is dong is wrong, and she shouldnt treat you or your family like that. That's not what fmily is all about. Your husband needs to step up to the plate and talk to her as well. Its his mother and he's allowing her to be that way towards you too. My husband wouldnt stand for anyone to disrepsct him our daugther and I. Just because its his mom doesnt mean he should allow her to step all over you guys. Its wrong and spiteful and she doesnt need to be that way. Baisclly in the bible once your married you answer to no one but your husband and vise versa. Be strong for your child and yourself if he can't do it. Put your foot down and stand up for yourself and your child make your husband see how you turely feel talk to him and put down boundries and rules for the mother if she can't be respectful to you. But remember to do it all respectfully.

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