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labor? Epidural or no epidural?

Was wondering if anyone has thought about a birthplan. I am planning on getting an epidural and was wondering what everyone else was doing? Im rather nervous about having to...


Baby #2 !!!

Well I'm pregnant again! About 4 months along and due the middle of July! Ethan will be 14 months old when his brother/sister is born. I must admit I'm a bit nervous but at...


Planned or not?

My name is megan, im 19 years old pregnant with my first child its a girl, she was not planned at all and i was just wondering if your children were planned..and how did you...


Hospital bag...

Was just wondering since im not the only first time mom here what you all were planning to pack into your hospital bag? And when do you think is a good time to pack it and have...



It's getting close! :) 13 days until my little girl is due. :( I'm gonna miss my pregnancy belly though. Anyone else?

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Started by Angelina on 04/29/2010 in New First Time Moms

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Have you noticed that some "friends" can't be bothered to so much as reply to an instant message from you since finding out you were pregnant? I have only had a few do this but...


Sleep Positioners

Soooo I have been reading a lot of bad things about sleep positioners! I got one for my shower and I am thinking about just taking it back and not using one at all. How do you...



only seven weeks left and still not set on a name yet cant seem to agree on anything! any of you having this problem?


Birth Plan!

I just made my birth plan using this website It was really easy and I'm getting SO EXCITED ♥


Questions please help!

I am 31 weeks along with my baby girl! Getting so close to the due date has me pretty anxious. I have found some new stretch marks and was wondering if any of you have noticed...


1 week and 6 days left!

I just went on the hospital tour and it was really exciting and scary. They go into full detail about everything (even the things that you don't want to know!). I feel prepared...



This will be my first baby and i was wondering if anyone on here had any info or suggestions about natural child birth? There are quite a few ladies at mt church who have had...


Lamaze classes anyone?

I have been debating for a while whether or not to take the lamaze classes available at the hospital i will be delivering in. I was wondering if any of you have taken lamaze...