No longer working MOMS

Stay at Home Moms that used to work outside the home. For those who are coping with the change in social, financial, etc. environments. This is NOT a site for Solicitations for work at home opportunities.


What do you miss?

Since all of us are former working moms, I'd just like to know of something/s you used to do that you don't really get to do now that you are a SAHM. I miss: 1. painting my...



When do you know when its time to send your kids to preschool? I have a 3 yr old daughter, that has had one heck of a yr. We have moved, taken away her passy and is just getting...


Has anyone ever tried the "child swap"?

It is were you take someone else's children for a day or two a month and they do they same with yours. I have heard of it but do not know of anyone who has tried it. I here it...



Hi, Welcome to the new group! I know it's small right now, but with some great participation, I'm sure this can be a fun, supportive group. and feel free to discuss other...