Opinions on contented little baby book?

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I have the opportunity to order the 'new contented little baby book' by Gina Ford, but am wondering what other people think about this book. The description of it wasn't too detailed and I was a bit turned off by the mention of a 'feeding routine' (I feed on cue/demand). Anyone read this book? Pros and cons? I couldn't find it in the post here on book list. Thanks for any help and opinions.


Melissa - posted on 02/17/2010




It was the first book I read about setting a routine and I tried some of the scheduling routine aspects as a guide for when my guy should nap. That was very helpful, but I didn't not follow the feeding schedule (I also feed on demand) and did not agree when how she recommended putting my baby to sleep. She says to place them in the crib and wait for them to fall asleep. Not very realistic unless you are having your baby cry it out, which I do not do. As a first time mom though it was nice to get an idea of when and how long my baby should nap. There are better books out there like "The Happiest Baby on the Block" or the "No-Cry Sleep Solution." I liked them both much better.


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Kids - posted on 12/29/2014




This book really helped me and my family with our second child. We followed it more of as guidelines and not a strict ruleset/recipe/play book.

The book can give you confidence in parenting (which every mother needs) and have written similarly in my personal experiences on the book in my article titled: The New Contented Little Baby Book.

Anne - posted on 03/29/2010




I have that book and found it to be rather useless. My baby did not conform to her generic baby model. The routine is very strict and is full of phrases like after a bath 'now settle the drowsy baby in her cot'. At this point my 4 month old would be so excited by her bath that she would be bouncing off the walls. She would tell you when to give feeds and how much and my baby absolutely refused to have any milk in the day - there was too much to be seen to bother with feeding. She preferred to feed all night. The book just didn't apply and I came under pressure to try to force my baby into the routine by those that read the book and saw my baby wasn't conforming. In the end I agreed with my husband to follow the ritual exactly for a while and my baby did not like it one bit. I can't understand her claims that her babies don't cry on that strict regime. She must have found some very compliant little ones.

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Thanks Melissa. My son is already 7 and 1/2 months old, so I'm starting to think I don't need this book, he is pretty good now at showing me what his inner timer is saying about nap routines etc. I have heard good things about no-cry sleep solution, so thanks for backing that up. I may have to have a look at it. Thanks again.

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