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Non-Christian Mothers

For the families that are non-Christian and are looking for a circle of support and friendship. Open to all Eastern disciplines, Pagan/Wiccan and all derivatives, as well as any other faith willing to hang out. Open to anyone with an open mind and heart to lend advice or just sit in and say hi. Also for anyone still in the "broom-closet" that just needs a place to chat and openly ask questions.


How do you deal with other faiths?

My name's Jen, 25. I have 2 children and 1 on the way. I am a gaudiya vaishnava, more commonly known as a 'Hare Krishna.' My husband is religious, in that he believes in the...


Hello...Newbie Here!

Im Hillarie, mommy to 3 sons(ages 5, 3, and 19mths). My hubby is eclectic Wiccan and Im more IndoWiccan. Glad to be here!



Hello.. I'm new here.. I'm 36, married for almost 14 years, I have a 13 years old daughter.. Anyone here?


An Introduction!

Hi, I'm Kristina. I just turned 30, married for almost 12 yrs. (holy cow) and have 2 awesome kids, Zoe age 10 and Vincent age 2. I am an ecclectic wiccan attempting to raise...


mastebation and pre teens

what age is it the norm for your kid to masterbate....i caught my daughter doing it and didnt know what to say or do . I gaveher the wholeits your body speech and told her about...


It's been a long time...Hell!!!

Hi everyone, Yes, I'm a poor moderator, this past fall and spring left me with some life issues to deal with, but I'm here and ready to pay more attention ;-) In a nutshell, my...


Places that want Pagan kids books?

Hello, My name is Lichen, and I am new to Circle of Mom's and this group. I had a hard time finding pagan kids books that I liked, so I made one! It's called "Wild Magic,"...


Sorry I've been elusive...

My world has been turned upside down lately ;-) But I'm looking very forward to Yule. This past Samhain has brought about a lot of changes...good and bad alike. I welcome all...


Matriarchal Societies...

How many still exist out there, I know there are some Native American tribes that are still matriarchal...that was a great find during bootcamp, I was in a platoon with a woman...


Wiccan Mom in a Christian Family

Hi, I'm Rhianna, 22 years old, with a 20 month old daughter. I was raised in a VERY Christian family. While my mother didn't drag us (myself and my older brother) to church...


Hello! and Merry Meet!

I just wanted to open up the door and invite those who would like to sit with a cup of tea and help out with a little Pagan/Eastern parenting ;-) Feel free to discuss any topic,...


Mothers Day....

What's your idea of the perfect mothers day??? For me, a day at home or in the park with a clean house (that I didn't have to clean) and some good dinner!! ;-)