Non-Custodial Mommies

Just a little group us Mommies who don't have full time custody of our kiddoes to hang out and discuss our unique problems, concerns, joys, and discoveries.


Looking for other Non-Custodial moms

I am a non-custodial mom for almost 2 years and some days are better than others. I work a lot so that keeps me occupied, but I struggled with getting access to school records....


Does it ever get better?

Hi all, I just joined. I've been in other shared parenting groups but being a non-custodial mom is just different... My daughter is 14 and had lived with her dad for four years...


About to become a non-custodial mom

I'll be moving back to my home state, but my son will remain with his father. We have joint legal custody and work well as we co-parent. I've been wanting to return to my home...


new to this!!

Hi I am new to this, I have been a Non-Custodial mom now for 6 years up until recently we have joint custody, but now my ex husband has sole custody and even made it so that all...