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If you have time read this and then give me your thoughts.


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Very interesting article I must say . There is a big double standard going on for sure. It basically almost to me states that a non custodial father is thought highly of and will do whatever it takes to provide for the child and gets a pat on the back for it, yet me being a non custodial mom , don't get that pat on the back when in all honesty I am doing the same thing that the non custodial father is doing, but such as it is , a non custodial father is a hard worker and provides for the child so he don't have to take the flack or get the "oh he is a druggy no wonder he don't have his child, but society is quick to judge a non custodial mom , I am not a druggy, and I am not selfish( far from it ) nor am I abusive, but those are just a few that came to mind that society gives as reasons or what they believe to be for why non custodial moms don't have primary care. All non custodial moms have their own stories as well as reasons why they don't have their children , Mine is short and simple as to why I don't have them . But I choose not to tell people why I don't have custody and why should I cause it won't do any good , cause me being a female and the non custodial parent automatically makes me the bad parent and the unfit one. So not true , I have a full time job, pay my support on time , and I call or chat with them all the time , and when it does not interfere with activities for school. They know I love them very much I tell them everyday and make sure they know that I am there for them, morning, noon and night. It really is time for society to quit labeling us non custodial moms, not all of us are unfit, though I am sure there are a few out there who really are unfit, but to those of us that are not it is wrong, we just do not get enough support for us at all , all you see online when you google non custodial parent, it brings up nothing but support groups for non custodial fathers , very rare have I ever seen support groups for us, and this one here is the only one I have seen. Lot's of love and hugs to all the non custodial moms out there :)

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