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My almost 3 year old has started biteing him little brother. We have had tips at to bite him back...blah blah blah. But we are at a loss as to what to really do for him. Wanted to know if anyone has some tips of dealing with this in a nice way?


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Emily - posted on 12/17/2008




I liked the "No-Cry Discipline Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley and "The Discipline Book" by Dr. Sears and "Adventures in Gentle Discipline" by Hilary Flower. Some of their tips are geared towards older children, but they've all got some great ideas and some good perspective.

We don't have biters, but we do have hitters and the tips in those books have helped a lot!

User - posted on 12/15/2008




hey my daughter was in that biting stage for a while took a while for her to stop..i mean wat i did was evrytime she bit i wud say ouch ava u hurt mommy dont do that..n i guess eventually she understood it n stopped..i realli dont have too much advice on this but i hope i helped a lil..umm me personally i dun think biting back is a good way to handle it but its completely up to u.since he is bitin his lil brother its important that u make sure it stops since ur son is a lil older then my daughter i think he shud catch on quicker..also u cud bring him by ur younger son n say u have to do nice to the baby n put his hand gently on ur youngest son n say nice.i do that wit mmy daughter if she is gettin a lil rough wit my brothers i tell her to do nice..n show her wat i mean.i dun remember exactly where i herd this but they say sumtymes wen a baby bites u they r expressin love.i kno dat dun make it better cuz it hurts gettin bit!! of luck!!

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