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Susan - posted on 04/16/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




I am thinking about switching to cloth diapers. But I am sooo confused on where to look or what to buy or how many.... Can someone explain everything to me sloow lol My daughter is 9 months and just over 16lbs i change her diaper now about 5 times a day and sometimes once during the night if that helps at all.. Thanks!!


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Elizabeth - posted on 07/09/2010




If you want to buy one set of diapers that will last until she is potty trained go with a diaper that has size adjusters. My favorite was

If you want cheap but take some learning to use get a bunch of pre-folds, these require a water-proof cover that you have to buy in multiple sizes.

All-in-one is a diaper that doesn't require assembly for wearing, but take long time to dry.

Pocket diaper has minimal assembly before wearing because you have to put the absorbent part back in the diaper after washing.

Fitted diapers have to be bought in multiple sizes and require a water-proof outer diaper to keep leaks in.

If you have anymore questions feel free to message me.

I absolutely loved cloth diapers. They saved us hundreds on disposables.

Aicha - posted on 06/26/2010




try looking on craigsklist to buy diapers have gotten alot of pocket diapers new off there for really cheap also try children's resale stores

Brooke - posted on 06/01/2010




I am planning to go cloth on my next baby also......enjoy reading all the tips and everyone's likes/dislikes. I get on Ebay and you can really find some good deals there ( I have found lots of new AIO diapers and lots of new covers...for use with prefolds....that are cheaper than buying straight from the company. ) Hope you find the style right for your's exciting venturing into the "cloth diapering world" isn't it ?!!

Jacqueline - posted on 05/25/2010




We use the Flip system and love it. They are a one size diaper so if you are planning on having more children they can be used again. They work wonderful for my 9 month old. Check out Good luck!

Lauren - posted on 05/16/2010




I use all in one diapers that come in one size, they are super convenient and the closest thing to disposables you can get! Just wash, dry, and slap on their butt! No covers, no stuffing pockets, and sometimes its the only type of cloth diaper a day care will use. That being said, the one size option fits 7-35 pounds. Unless you plan on having a second child, you may want to get them in sizes (they do come that way). But if you do hve a second (or third or fourth), I highly recommend the one size option, because then you can use the diapers on both kids (just adjust the snaps!).

I have pre-folds on hand for backup on my lazy days when I dont feel like doing laundry. They are cheap, but you have to get covers so they dont leak ( I use an unstuffed one size pocket diaper for a cover). Pre-folds are no problem for pee, but i find them a bit messy for poops (especially liquidy breast milk poop). Prefolds are also much easier to travel with because they take upless space in bags. Hope that helps.

Tricia - posted on 05/02/2010




I'm going to second the prefolds and covers recommendation. They're very economical (around $2 per prefold diaper and $7-9 per cover). You'll need 12-15 prefold diapers if you wash every day and 18-20 if you wash every-other-day (I like to have 2 dozen so I can be lazy or disorganized). You'll need 5 or 6 covers, and although I love thirsties covers, you can try several brands to decide what you like best. You'll probably end up buying 2 sizes of covers (one to fit now, and one to fit until potty training). I also use a snappi to hold the prefolds on because that gives a trimmer fit, but it's not important.

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I really love pocket diapers. However, since your DD is already 9 months old that may be kind of an expensive option since many babies outgrow pockets at around 18 months. I would suggest for you to look into fitted with covers.
Specifically, I would use a pattern like little comet tails all in ones or darling diapers to make a pocket style diaper of only bamboo. Then I would make inserts using Zorb and more bamboo. Then I would make covers out of PUL.
That would give you flexibility as she grows, and keep her dryer than even disposables. Also, using a pocket style you can put in more inserts and eliminate the night time diaper change. It would also be cheaper than doing all regular pocket diapers since PUL is rather expensive, and you would only need a few covers (change only when they get really wet or poopy).
Good LucK

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We have been using cloth diapers for 3 1/2 years now (2 kids) and LOOOVE them too! They are really a lot easier than you would just have an extra load of laundry instead of extra trash. Def check out the cloth diapered munchkins group for info. You can also google cloth diapers information and you should get a couple of good places that provide infor for you. It really is a personal choice what kind and how many. All we have ever used is pocket diapers and I just found out I'm pregnant so I was thinking about using prefolds for the newborn stage because the diapers that I have are a little too big for the first couple of weeks. Good luck and I hope you make the switch!

Lori - posted on 04/17/2010




We use cloth diapers (and LOOOOVE them), but we don't wash them ourselves, we have a diaper service. I only know about the kind we use - the prefold diapers supplied by the service, with Thirsties brand covers. Thirsties have been great - really easy to use, we don't even need to use pins/snappi closures, the velcro covers keep the diaper snug.

There's a Circle of Moms group called Cloth Diapered Munchkins you might want to check out - there's lots of helpful ladies on there with tons of information about the different styles/options, as well as laundering instructions and such. There are so many types of diapers it can be very confusing, but once you get a grasp on the basics, it's really simple and rewarding to do.

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