Difference between Babies!

Brenda - posted on 05/18/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My gosh, I'm astounded at the difference between my first son and this one. He's 8 days old, and I have a co sleeper, but of course, he doesn't use it, LOL. My husband jokes it was a "great investment". He does not like to be put down and loves to cuddle against me. It is so awesome to have a little one near me again. The hospital I delivered in was great, and my nurse was great, and great with me co sleeping while there. This child is a fiend for the breast though, and nursed like a champ as soon as he was born. But the thing is, he doesn't fuss! Not like my first, who I swear screamed through the first three months. Oh yeah, he gets to crying when he's hungry and I'm getting him changed, or sponging him, or stuff, but he'll just let you hold him and look all around at everything. He's doing great at night, too, already. If I let him sleep with me, he'll go 3-4 hours between waking at night. I'm astounded. I remember walking the floor for hours and hours with my first while he screamed and nothing satisfied him (colic sucks). But anyway, I just wanted to say how different my kiddoes are...

Oh, and big brother is doing well with "baby brother" with the exception of being super whiney, but he loves him. He was laying in his car seat and Nathan was sitting on the floor by him and I overheard him say "baby brother I love you" and he has to have me help him hold him at least once a day. I'm sure we'll have some jealous days, but so far so good. :)


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Dana - posted on 05/26/2009




My husband says the same thing about our co sleeper. It's kind of a catcher, so someone can sleep all the way against the edge of the bed and not fall off, which is helpful with 4 in the bed :) Isn't it lovely to have a happy cuddly sleeper? All 3 of mine have been good babies but my 3 month old is such a sweetie! She sleeps all the time, often through the night and is just a delight! I'm afraid my time for a screamer will come, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Kylie - posted on 05/21/2009




Congratulations Brenda! it's beautiful his big brother has taken to him so quickly and it's lovely having a little helper isn't it?! I was surprised at the different temperament of my two children as well. My first was a very serious baby, she made me work hard for a smile and to get her to sleep. My son is so layed back, smiles constantly and loves to sleep. I think its so interesting how every baby is different and born with a personality even though they come form the same place and parents. take care!

Michelle - posted on 05/20/2009




thats great to hear...i have always found that if you don't shove the new bub in everyone's faces, they will soon get curious and want to be involved of their own accord. i had it the other way around, my first daughter was a dream baby...slept all through the night from about 2 and a half weeks...i would see other new mums all tired and think to myself whats wrong with their babies....little did i know that my second daughter would raise all kinds of hell....she had acid reflux and was very very difficult...but you're right...i don't think any of mine have been the same...they have all been good but definantly different. i think how mumma is going has an awful lot to do with it...bubs really do respond to a nice relaxed mum....so good on you and keep it up! can't wait til ours gets here now.....lol!

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