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I Need a CAT Scan: How to Survive 2 Days Without Nursing???

CA - posted on 05/26/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




On June 7th I'm scheduled for a CAT Scan. They will be giving me an IV full of this Contrast stuff and I will not be able to nurse my 9 month old for 48 HOURS! Ladies, I am freaking out. I so cherish my nursing relationship with my daughter and I am so afraid of doing damage to it by denying her the breast for 2 days straight. Most of the advice I've been receiving has been to just wean her now.or at least wean her right before the scan and hope she'll return to nursing after a break for a few days.

I don't WANT to wean her! Like I said, we both so enjoy our nursing relationship and I had planned AT THE VERY LEAST to nurse her for a full year.

Do you know anyone who has gone through something like this? What can I do? How will we both survive those 48 hours not nursing?? I'm feeling devastated...


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Stefie - posted on 01/13/2012




I have had this done several times. We choose to pump and dump.

To deal with the baby that wants to nurse, we just kept her busy. We read lots of books, had Daddy take her for outings.

Tricia - posted on 06/07/2011




Argh. I'm sorry I didn't get to this sooner! Dr. Thomas McHale's Medications and Mother's Milk is the bible of what you can and cannot use safely while BFing. There are almost always options that are compatible with BFing. If it's not too late, talk to your Doc about this resource. Look up what they used for the contrast in your situation and find out if it really IS safe to nurse. Most of the time docs will tell you to wean (or pump and dump) while on a medication because they honestly have no idea about the safety of the med. It's a tragedy for sure. But often you can totally nurse while taking a medication (or shortly afterward).

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