Is This Separation Anxiety?

Brie - posted on 02/19/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 6 1/2 month old daughter just started this behavior within the last week...whenever I put her in her crib to play while I do laundry or something- she begins crying the instant I set her down, and she stands in her crib and cries until I come back to get her. Before this, I used to be able to set her in her crib and she would play for 15 minutes or so. Also, even if she is playing on the floor with her toys and I walk to the kitchen (she can still see me) she begins crying the second I head out of the room. If I put her in her walker to scoot around while I am cooking, she cries then too. She didn't used to do this...and I am at my wit's end. I love to hold her and be with her, but I still have to get things done. I thought about trying a sling, but I have two concerns about that- I'm afraid it will make her even MORE upset if I have to put her down, and sometimes I need some me time and I don't want her attached to my hip all day long. Any ideas on if this is just a phase, or what to do? :(


Brenda - posted on 02/19/2009




The sling will probably help, actually, instead of making it worse. I'm sure one of the sling mamas on here can tell you more, I didn't use one with my first, but I wish I had.  She is probably going through growth, to be honest, and feels afraid.  Remember, she doesn't realize when you walk away that you'll come back yet.  She's just now figuring out that you leave the room and she's alone, and that's scary at first.  She's right at the age to start understanding the world around her.  It is most likely just a phase while she figures out that you'll come back when you leave her pressence.  Taking her with you in the sling for a few days might show her where you are and what you're doing a little bit...  Its a scary world for them, everything is so new and different, and their little brains are just starting to process all this new stuff.  It takes them a while to get used to it.  Hope that helps, I'm sure some other sling moms might have some suggestions too!

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