Jeeze, Preggo Hormones!

Brenda - posted on 01/21/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Well, ladies, I have to admit. Pregnancy does some interesting things to me. I am a very mellow person, normally. I don't argue much, never get upset, and usually if something bothers me I internalize it and that's that. However, that changes when I get pregnant. I've been so very sick this time around that I'm just now at 25 weeks starting to feel good enough to feel the effects and I'm finding that the same thing is happening this go round as last time! I said with my first pregnancy I found my inner witch. I literally turned into the wicked witch of the west on some days, especially with my roommates at the time (not that they were the best, one of the blew up my microwave by putting a potato in it for 20 minutes and going upstairs and the other one caught my brand new smooth top electric range's stove on fire because she cooked chicken on the rack and let the juice drip into the bottom and never cleaned it). And this time, I am starting to get royally angry at stuff really fast (especially my poor husband!) again. Argh! :)

So just to get the conversations going on here, we've all been through it. Anyone else have a severe change in themselves during pregnancy, temporary or not? And if so, what is the most amusing or interesting thing you did while pregnant that you look back on wonder what in the world was going through your mind at the time?


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Michelle - posted on 02/08/2009



38 goes! last week, i took my three primary school aged children out of school and enrolled them in another smaller school...i just got on this big hormone 'thing' and decided i was just not happy where they were. although, in my defence i have to say my daughter had really bad issues with bullying last year with one girl in particular and i was constantly at the office trying to get something done about aus we are only 2 weeks back into the school year and i had already been to the office three times. i just started thinking to myself 'do i really want another year of this, and better yet am i going to continue to subject my daughter to this crap again?'. so...although i may have been somewhat hasty in my actions, i had good intentions. the unfortunate part about it was that i didn't think it necessary to actually talk about this with anyone...not even my poor hubby who came home to discover what i had done...i did try and talk to the principal who had apparently forgotten all about the incidents that had me in his office almost every week last year...his ignorance just added fuel to my little fire i had going that day! i don't know...i know it sounds extreme but i am so tired of trying to tell my daughter things she can do to adjust her behaviour to stay under the radar of this bully..there are just no consequences for this other kid and my girl is so confused because she has no idea why this girl hates her so much anyway! its crazy...probably my least favourite part of being pregnant is the hormonal stuff...i'm sure my hubby would agree right now! losing keys and leaving my wallet on top the car and driving off..forgetting appointments...the list goes on, really!

Heather - posted on 01/22/2009




Ha ha I'll have to check in with my hubby and get back to ya with that one, I was so out of my mind I blocked it out!:)

Brenda - posted on 01/22/2009




:)  Hee hee.  I've been so sick this time around I have no food cravings, eating has been a struggle even, but last time around I would make hubby go out for wendy's chicken nuggets.  Had to be Wendy's, nobody else will do.

Ah, I crusade about things on and off in my life.  ;)  I'm one of those people that when I get my mind set I have a bulldog attitude, then it fades.  ;)  I think I did this once before, but it was when I got into psychology for the first time and really ranted about the things other psychologists did, and the whole "fake" psychologists that made the field look bad.  Then there are the times my husband gets my hackles of up on purpose (he loves to argue and debate with me just to see me get fired up even when he's arguing against something he already believes).  It really is a change over recent years, when I was younger I never stood up for anything I believed in and was very quiet/shy and introverted.  So I guess I still am practicing...LOL. 

And I think its more hormones than anything, LOL.

Stasia - posted on 01/22/2009




I got a lot of cravings and I would literally be reduced to tears if there was and "offensive" food in the house. Poor daddy-to-be would make me a meal that i decided I HAD TO HAVE (avocado roll sushi for example) and then I would be feeling sick by the time it was made so he would try to put it in the fridge. convinced I could smell it even from inside the fridge I would proceed to work myself into a panic until the intruder was disposed of in the garbage OUTSIDE.

On another particular time I NEEDED a "Terrys chocolate Orange" and even though it was Apri and they sell them at christmas l sent my fiance out in the middle of the night on a quest to go find one.He returned an hour and a half later (impressive) and I had half a bite and was sick of it. (he was so patient)

Brenda I also would go on a crusade about different things, Try not to get too worked up it will just stress you out. I am a young mom and People would Often make comments about "babies having babies" So I would make it my MISSION to inform the citizens of the world that just because someone is young doesn't make them less qualified to be a mother. I have now realized that trying to change people's opinions will never happen. Instead you must try to focus only on what YOU are choosing to do with your own life, that is where you can make the most difference. xo

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