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Kelly - posted on 05/15/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter just turned 2 in April and is starting to show signs that she is ready to potty train. I'm looking for reading recommendations on potty training so this can be an easy transition and so that she doesn't get control issues and hold in her poop for days. Any advice would be great.


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Charlie - posted on 07/16/2010




My very favorite training method, the one I've used with all 4 of my children (including my newly potty-trained daughter who is 21 mos) is in a book called "Toilet Training in Less than a Day". I think it's awesome. Thorough and positive. And unique. The drawback is that you do have to read and study the book in order to learn the method before you implement it. And it DOES take that day - you have to set everything else aside. What they mean by it being done in a day is that the child can then realize when they need to go, and potty themselves (including emptying the potty) successfully. In my experience there are some accidents over the course of the next couple weeks except in some children, but not many.

I did have a unique problem with my 21 month old daughter. She was afraid to let her poop go into the toilet. (I think this is just something with her and not b/c of the training method.) She knew she needed to go and what to do, but became very upset at the prospect of actually letting the poo go without a diaper on! We got through it on the 4th day after training, and when we did it was a sudden change. She's very happy and proud to go poop in the potty chair now. Weird.

Good luck!

P.S. If you look at Amazon there are some negative reviews. I read through them and it looks like all those people are saying the method is harsh and/or negative! From what they're saying they reacted with anger toward their children or intense frustration maybe? I just recently re-read the book and it does NOT advocate harshness or meanness toward your child. In fact, it often says to be loving. The "harshest" thing is showing disapproval if they have "wet pants" by saying things like "Mommy doesn't like wet pants." I didn't have to be mean to any of my children with this method.

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We wave bye bye to the poop! Even my own (because really who ever thought you could go to the bathroom alone after you have kids) Even before my son was really trying we did it with his older sister and now he is so proud to wave goodbye. Cracks me up! Naked and outside if you can. My son gets praise everytime he pees in the baby pool or in the grass. The poop is a little harder to get them inside with! Good luck. Girls seem a little easier than boys to me!

Elizabeth - posted on 07/16/2010




On top of the potty and other silly dilly songs. This book is hilarious and you will both be singing the songs throughout the day. My daughter loved them.
Leave her naked a lot. Reward her for any efforts that she makes, but don't disapprove of her mistakes this is new and difficult. Be aware that pooping in the potty for children is very SCARY at first because they view that as a part of their body that just plopped in the toilet.

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