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Brenda - posted on 07/13/2009 ( 12 moms have responded )




So I went to my two month appointment with Nick (who I am very proud to say hasn't had a drop of formula, go us!). He's up to 13 pnds 8 ounces and 23 inches (8 pnds 1 oz and 20 birthweight). Of course, he's in the 90th percentile for weight and 50th for height. Luckily the nurs practitioner was pretty breastfeeding knowledgeable and said that was good because breastfed babies are heavier at first and lose it faster later on. I'm thinking, awesome. She wasn't ideal (not pro co sleeping, but whatever, how many modern doctors or NPs are these days...) Then she started talking about vitamins, which was okay, don't mind giving him vitamins, and says to use as long as I'm BF however long that is. I said, well we're hoping to go until he self weans, but at least a year I'm sure. She asks if my other son was breastfed and I say no I couldn't with him, and she says well, we'll see what happens when he gets his teeth in. Then she says but you can always put him on a cup then too.

I'm like, okay, so by saying this you're validating every mom who has thought for a second when their child is teething, that there is no solution other than to wean at that point. I'm well aware that it is difficult for many women when the baby gets teeth, but it isn't impossible. Come on lady, I thought, some support for my decision to practice extended breastfeeding would be nice. No wonder most women I know don't go past six months (or like my WIC LC said, past the first couple weeks) if this is the type of information and support they get from their pediatricians. I'm not bashing moms who wean when the teeth come in, that's their choice, but I am really saddened by the lack of support for those who want to try to keep going through it. That one simple comment could turn many women away from trying at all once their child nips them the first time while nursing. I mean, it can't be that horrid. There's a lady on another due date club I'm in who had a baby born with neonatal teeth! So she had to learn to latch, and start feeding a baby with teeth that can't learn NOT to bite down yet! I'm just flustered by this. Sorry just had to rant a bit...

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Emily - posted on 01/09/2010




Very, very sad. I was encouraged to wean my first at only 4 1/2 months because I became pregnant again and was told that it would be pretty much impossible to nurse through a pregnancy. I did wean that first one and always regretted it... My second nursed for 2 years 8 months, until well after all 20 of her baby teeth were in, completely through my next pregnancy, and tandem nursed with her little sister for 13 months. I seriously wish I had known then what I know now.

My #3 just barely turned 2 last month, and she is still nursing. She has 18 teeth and is cutting her last two molars. I also successfully nursed her through a pregnancy... but this time with twins. My twins are now almost 4 months old, and exclusively breastfed, and are also close to cutting their first teeth (my kids are all early teethers).

It's so sad to me that people make such off-handed remarks that completely undermine a mother's ability to breastfeed at the slightest hint of problems... when they should be providing support and helping women to believe in themselves.

Melissa - posted on 01/23/2010




My son is a year and a half now. He has quite a few teeth and I'm still nursing him. Why doesn't any one ever tell new mothers that even when children get teeth they are NOT part of the natural sucking mechanism that babies have? Yes they may bite but that can be stopped quickly. My son only bit me I think 3 times before he learned not to. But the teeth don't bother me at all when he nurses.


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Jan - posted on 02/14/2010




I hear this from new mom's a lot and I just laugh. Women have nursed their babies forever and some babies are born with teeth, they didn't jsut let them starve. My son bit me once and I screamed and he cried and never did it again. My daughter was another story, the first time she bit me I screamed and she laughed (she's my devil child) so I had to be firm and take her off the breast everytime she bit. Food is very important to her so she quickly learned that if she wanted milk she had to be nice. Biting is such a non issue, it happens once or twice and then they learn not too, and the thought of getting bit is way worse then actually getting bit.

Lisa - posted on 02/11/2010




yeah my son is 14 months almost and a mouth of teeth and he doesnt bite hardly...only when he laughs....

Amanda - posted on 01/28/2010




They are called "milk teeth" for a reason right? *sigh* My son is nearly 20 months. He had his first tooth at 5 months then by 8 months he had 8 big teeth. He now has 17 (I think, I have lost count!). His teeth never ever get in the way. He bit me 3 or 4 times at about 6 months but he soon learned not to.

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World Health Organization reports babies need to be Br fed for at least 1 year and preferably 2. Every mother and baby should wean when it is best for them. Please remember that all advice is just that, advice. Take what seems good to you and disregard the rest. As a Breastfeeding Educator, I have 100 answers for every question, so remember, if you don't like or agree with something your health care provider says, ask for another option. Parenting is a Right as well as a Privilege
May all your nursings be happy ones..

Elizabeth - posted on 01/08/2010




That is horrible. I hope that I can find a pediatrician to work with who feels the same why I do about breastfeeding, go as long as you can.

Amy - posted on 01/08/2010




My 8 month old has two teeth and we are still nursing with no problems. Don't let others discourage what you feel is right in your heart.

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That is sad, and nobody should give up just because of teeth! my son got his first tooth at 3 months and we nursed until he was 18 months. I got bit a few times but my mom told me to flick him under the chin when he did and hell learn not too, and it worked. Drs and NP should be more supportive of breastfeeding, they know first hand from all they see how much more beneficial it is!

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Yea, this is sad. So many moms give up when a little encouragement could have made all the difference. Because you haven't done it before she's assuming that you won't be able to go through the tough times. Just wait it out and once you've "been there, done that" you'll be able to offer encouragement to the moms who are in your place now.

Dana - posted on 07/25/2009




I have nursed 2 so far well past the first teeth and have had no real problems. When I weaned #2 it was partly for biting, but she was over 13 months old and I was 5 months pregnant with her little sister so my nipples were already very sensitive and couldn't take the biting anymore! Plus I was planning to have her weaned a few months before #3 was born. You can do it, they do learn quickly not to bite :)

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That is sad, for all the reasons you already said so well. I have to say, though, that when my now 2 yr old (self weaned at 11 1/2 months) got his teeth and my 6 mo old now has the two bottoms, they experiment with them a couple times, but they soon learn that the way the mouth is built, you really can't suck if you are using your teeth. Its not a good way to get what they want...the milk!

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