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Autumn - posted on 04/05/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




Hi all! My name is Autumn, I am going to be a mommy in mid-may and I am so excited :-) there are a few parts of attachment parenting that aren't for me, but overall I think the philosophy of trusting your instincts as a mother and cherishing the time you have with your little ones while they're still little is the best part of being a mom. What I want to know is, what is your favorite part of what you do as an attachment/natural parenting mom? What makes it worth it to you to keep up with your parenting style even when people roll their eyes at you or give you unsolicited advice? I think it will make a nice little conversation of inspiration for everyone in the group :-)


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Elizabeth - posted on 04/08/2009




For me (I don't really call myself an APer), some of my best choices have been cloth diapering, staying home part-time, and not being too attached to any one idea. We breast- and formula fed, baby carried and used the stroller, stayed home and had some part-time help. You just have to listen to your self and your baby--- don't get hung up one one way of doing things because if it turns out that sleeping or eating doesn't go the way you thought it would it can ruin your time together. Be flexible, roll with the punches, and know that just about the time your figure something out it changes. Also, if you find that there is some thing that really just isn't you (for me, it is staying home full time), don't try to force it. You will be a better mom if you are a reasonably well-rested, happy mom.

Good luck. This is a great group of people with a range of ideas, so you'll get lots of great advice here!

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I love the fact I don't have to get out of bed at night! When my son wakes in the night for a feed I'm right there. It means I don't have to fully wake up and that I'm more rested for the next day. Good luck with the birth of your baby.

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I've loved, loved, loved holding my baby during naps. He rarely wants me to anymore and everyone says it's a big no-no, but it felt so right. Looking down and seeing him snuggled up to me was wonderful! And I absolutely love co-sleeping! For awhile Jasper wanted to sleep on my chest...then it was beside me sprawled out clutching my nightshirt in his its curled up to my breast with his head resting on my arm as a pillow. Waking up in the morning before he does (though this is happening less and less!) and seeing his content, sometimes smiling, face is the best feeling in the world. And it's knowing that someday when I'm dying in some bed, I'll be able to look back without regret. I don't think I'll ever regret loving my babies too much, but I think I'd regret missing out on these moments!

Brooke - posted on 04/06/2009




I love holding and cuddling my babies right from birth. I also love having them very close to my husband and I during the night. The breastfeeding is very special too. I love it when my baby lets me know he wants to nurse !

Emily - posted on 04/06/2009




I don't label myself AP, but I do fall into the brackets. Cosleeping during the first few months was my favorite part. I just loved being close to my baby, I never worried about her stopping breathing because I was right there and it helped not having to fully wake up or move to feed her. As she aged breastfeedig beyone infancy and for comfort was great at thwarting a tantrum or soothing a boo-boo when nothing else would work! In the long run subscribing to a gentle non-violent parenting approach that lets the child know her mommy is here to meet her needs has really brought me closer to both girls. When I see my confident independent empathetic six year old I know that the people who told me she'd be spoiled, clingy, whiny, never learn to walk, self sooth or eat solids were wrong!! BTW she walked at 8 mos, eats everything in site and is the deepest sleeper I ahve ever met!

Carissa - posted on 04/05/2009




I think by FAR the best part for me is the co-sleeping/cuddling/nursing time I get with my little guy.  Earlier today I laid down with him on the bed to feed him and just felt so overwhelmingly content with him curled up next to me.  He had his little hand around my finger and was staring up at me before we both drifted off for a nap.  When I woke up, I actually had a moment where I felt sorry for any mom who doesn't get that exact experience. 

It's so funny because I was really opposed to co-sleeping before I had him.  Once he came, I decided to throw all my preconceptions out the window and just go with what felt right.  After making that decision, there's really nothing anyone can say that has given me pause.  I just do whatever seems to make both of us (and daddy!) the most happy.  :)

Brenda - posted on 04/05/2009




Snuggles, lots of snuggles.  That's the best part.  And knowing that my child is getting food when he needs it on his own schedule.  I love waking up and having my son (now almost 4) snuggled against my back (though I could do without the occasional bouncing in the bed at night).  I feel like my son has a huge independent streak that makes me sad sometimes, as a result of loving him as much as I do.  He's a very sweet and loving boy, and often more sensitive than I'd like (he gets so upset when I'm upset).

Johnny - posted on 04/05/2009




I would have to agree with Kate, the closeness & cuddle time with baby. Babywearing feels so lovely when you're busy, because you don't have to ignore your darling to get things done.  Breastfeeding is so fulfilling as well.  And I'm not sure it counts as AP, but I love cloth diapering. They are so soft & gentle on baby's skin, and easy to use.

Not all parts of AP-style parenting will work for you, and remember, some won't work for baby either.  I'd love (repeat, LOVE) to co-sleep with my daughter and did it for some time, but she was up every 15 minutes starting around 3 months and we had to move her to the crib.  She has been happily sleeping through the night on her own ever since.  Unfortunately, she just wasn't comfy in the bed with me & DH.  I also dreamed of wandering around with her in a sling from birth, but she wouldn't have any of it in the cradle position.  So we didn't get to use a sling until she was about 5 months and could sit on my hip on her own. We used the Snugli instead because she loved to be upright.  So we did what she was comfortable with, and to me, that is the more important thing about AP... reading your baby & understanding their needs. It is not just about following a certain set of actions (babywearing, co-sleeping, etc.)

I know it is worth it because of the deep bond my daughter and I have (she's just 8 months) and how very comfortable she is with everyone around her.  She is confident that her needs will be met, and knows how to communicate them.  I believe that she will grown into a self-confident, happy, loving, gentle and independent child because of AP.


Itsamystery - posted on 04/05/2009




Being able to cuddle and have as much physical contact with your baby as you and they like, knowing it's the best thing for them!

I also cherished co-sleeping in the first year, (though I'm not enjoying it *as* much in the second year).

Not needing much baby paraphernalia was great too. 'Have boobs and sling, will travel!'

What makes it worth it? The results and the way our families complement us on our parenting. Our child is secure, happy, confident, affectionate, loving, well-behaved, placid, gentle and can come anywhere with us :)

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