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Non-traditional families

For Moms who lead non-traditional lifestyles and raise their kids to think out of the box.


How many lesbian moms out there?

I am a lesbian in a long term relationship with a woman with twin boys. They are 7 and one has ADHD and the other has Autism. To add to the mix we have my ex-s 18 year old son...


Hi I'm new!!!

Hi, just thought I'd write a little bit about my family, I have five children, four of my own two boys Lester age 14, Jason age 10 & two girls Shamara-leigh age 12 & Charmaine...


Been away for a while

Hi All, I have been away for a bit, but now am back to running the community. Sorry for all the down time, but we are up and running again. Welcome to all the new people and...


Dinner Ideas??????

I am single working mother, one child of my own, and two "step kids" and a niece I keep twice a week. By the time I get home I am exausted and always need fun quick, healthy,...



I thought I should give a better intro. My name is Kristy, I live in Colorado, just finished my B.S.W., considering a masters, don't work, currently on SSDI, volunteer and a...


Out of the box thinking?? Join Us!

Hi welcome to Non-traditional Moms!! This community is for Moms and families who have decided to raise there children in non-traditional ways. After numerous parenting classes...