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This community is for moms who are looking for healthier ways to care for their homes and families. We have said NO MORE to big companies who put toxic chemicals into our cleaners, household items, personal care items, baby care items, and other things we consume or come into contact with daily. We also are moms who are looking for all natural or organic ways of providing food for our families that won't cost a fortune. We are saying "NO" to additives and artificial junk in our foods and drinks. (quick side note: that occassional cupcake is ok at birthday parties...we aren't that fanatic). Are you looking for ways to turn your home "green" & natural? If so this is the place for you. PS... the administrator is new to this too. I have secret addiction to Mountain Dew...ok it's not so secret but my point is this... If you need help changing your lifestyle to green/healthier options this is for you! I'm walking this road step at a time.


What household cleaners do you use?

What household cleaners do you use? Do you make your own or purchase from a company? (Attention Independent Representatives: Please post: I'm an independent representative for...

Started by Bridgette on 08/17/2010 in NonToxic Moms

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