Norfolk & Norwich mums

Local group for people in the Norfolk and Norwich area to pass suggestions and ideas


Mum's in Great Yarmouth

Hi My name is Kristine, I am a new mum and my baby girl is named Brianna, she has just gone 19 weeks and I am looking for any other mums in the local vicinity that I can meet up...


Child minder

Can anyone recommend any good child minders in the west norfolk area please?


New Mum in New area

Hello, my name is Kirstin and have a little girl called Grace, 11 weeks today. Not only am I fairly new to Motherhood, but also to the area. I am gradually discovering...



Hiyez. I'm Cat and common! I have 3 kids, Tabby 5, Sam 21 months and 7 week old Harley. I speak fluent Cbeebies and can sing any song on the baby channel. Currently on mat...



Hi all, thought I would start a group so that we can all help each other with local ideas and suggestions