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Good Morning

Well today I dropped of Dakota for his first full day of school. Poor little guy woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't fall back to sleep. When I took him to school...


Hello All

Hope you all are doing good. The other day I went out walking all around town twice. Brittany loves going for walks. I have just put Dakota back in school full time. He starts...


Gloomy Day

It's such a gloomy day. It just started raining here. Bleck.... I am taking Brittany and going shopping in Green Bay. Going to do the grocery shopping deal and Sam's. I am...



Just wondered if anyone twittered? I started to... Don't get me wrong I love face book. But I like twitter too... LOL


Enjoying Weather

The last three days we have really been enjoying the weather. Brittany won't nap for me hardly anymore the little stinker. So I make sure to take her to the park and wear her...



Just out of curiosity what are you going to put in your kids baskets? My oldest is 13 and every year he asks for a chocolate bunny. I figured I would give him 10 dollars and a...


introducing myself

Hi everyone... My name is jenny. I am 25, live in kaukauna and have two wonderful boys Cole 5, and Carson 3. they are amazing... I am just looking for parents that have...


A fun weekend!!

We just had a fun filled weekend at tundra Lodge in Green Bay! Lots of swimming and playing with my 2 kids and their cousins! Anyone else ever been there?


The nice weather

Did anyone else enjoy the beatiful weather today? My daughter and my son and I were outside playing in puddles and on their playset for almost 3 hours this afternoon. It's...



Brittany took 7 steps today all by herself. She is on her way to walking. sigh............ my baby is growing up.... Time sure does go by fast.


My baby

My baby boy just had to get an EKG and chest xrays done today because his hands and lips have been turning blue. I'm just waiting for a call back from the doctor!


Quiet Weekend

Well I have a nice weekend. My parents took the boys for the weekend. The boys are having fun. They went to see a movie and then had pizza and movie night. Today they are going...



Ok I just got a question as my boys are so much older and it really has been a while. What age did your kiddo's start teething? I know they are crabby when they teeth but do...


Hi there!

Hello there! Just letting you know I joined your community via the Promote Your Group conversation in the leaders room. Glad to be a member! I'm located in Sheboygan, which is...



I am so tired of all this snow and cold weather. I am ready for spring. What are you all looking forward to in spring? I am looking forward to being able to walk to the park...


Sunday Plans?

Happy Sunday! Well Superbowl Sunday that is. Are any of you watching the super bowl? I am not but my husband will be. Today I am heading to Green Bay with my son. We are going...


HI everyone!!

Is anyones completely sick of the cold weather and soo antsy to go outside and to the park with your kids!!! I can't wait!