North Florida Mommies

For mommies living in the North Florida area.


Kids eat free in Tallahassee!

Hi fellow North Florida Mamas! Below is a link to an updated list of places kids eat free in Tallahassee. Please pass the link to anyone you think might find it helpful,...


Any Marianna Mom?

I'm in Marianna and I was looking for other moms in the area. I really don't know many people here and would love to meet other parents and set up some play dates for my little...


Anyone from Tallahasse

My boyfriend, Reggie took a job in Tallahassee last August. This January Michael, our 2 year old son and I moved there. Does anyone know of any programs for mothers with young...


Day Care Question

I see there are a couple of you from Tallahassee. I was wondering if either of you have your children in day care and if so where. My daughter is having trouble at her day care...



I know this group is just getting started and will probably take some time, but welcome. I decided to start this group since there were not many groups related to geographical...