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North Platte Babies Club

This group is designed for mothers in the North Platte, Ne & surrounding area. A place where we can get together to discuss everyday topics. Hopefully, not just centered toward our baby topics, but anything that we have questions on. From everyday parenting advice, relationships now that baby it here, play dates, doctors and illnesses, day cares, kids, significant others, prices of diapers. What's on YOUR mind, is probably on OURS too. We ask that you be respectful towards others & their opinions, no bad mouthing others. Please follow the rules & guidelines for the Circle Of Moms forum. We're here to build a better community for our children to grow up in!


"Burn Out"

I work about 28-32hrs a week, but since I'm home in the mornings a little after my son wakes until he goes to sleep, I feel like a stay at home. Other than going to work, I...


Anyplace for kids?

Besides Cody Park & the Children's Museum, is there any other places for the younger kids to go of interest?


Parks-baby swings

We were thinking the other day whilst going to the park. There aren't a lot of parks here that offer more than one baby style swings. I know Cody Park has baby swings at one...


Please pass it on.

If you have any mothers here in the NP area on your list that you think would be a good match w/our group, please invite them to check it out. Since it's a new group we are in...


Costume Nightmare-Halloween 09

My goodness. The prices and quality of Halloween costumes this year were awful, no? My sister-in-law tried finding a monkey costume for her 1 mo old & there was only 2 in NP....