North Texas Mountain Biking Mommies

North Texas Mommies who need a fun and exciting way to release stress. Remember back when you took all the dares and loved to cross over the boundaries just for the FUN of it? Looking for some new excitement in your life? Need to get away and actually socialize with people closer to your own age? I know I do but I need some of YOU! Let's make a community where we can plan to meet and go Mountain biking and socialize while getting Daddy to watch the kids. If not we can always come up with other childcare ideas. I am a beginner so NO PRESSURE, we can all learn together.


Do you get stress relief?

I am a fulltime mommy of 3 (6,3 & 1yr old) My husband of 12 years is my one and only TRUE adult friend and support. My whole family lives overseas and I get little to no...