I feel trapped, unappreciated, like a single parent & we live together

Amy - posted on 08/12/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a 1yr old daughter w/ my BF who I've been with for almost 3 years. I gotten pregnant 10 months into our relationship & he moved into my apartment with me after 8 months of us dating. When I met him and we started dating, he was everything I wanted in someone. He was fun to be around no matter what we were doing or where we were, always funny and charming, thoughtful, appreciative and very attentive to me and my feelings. He has always been reserved, quiet, and not much of a talker when it comes to emotions or feelings. Then I became pregnant. I freaked when I found out because it wasn't planned & I was almost 30 & the idea of having children pretty much left my mind by then. He's also younger than me, then he was 26 & I felt like I was ruining his life. At first things were good once we came to grips we were having a child, then a couple months down the road all the "WHAT IF'S" started running thru his head. He's the biggest worry wart about things that could but don't happen. He made my pregnancy pretty rough until the end. Now our daughter will be 1 soon. He has totally changed. I feel like a single parent, we live together and in a relationship. He doesn't pay as much attention to our daughters needs as a growing child as he should, I have to constantly remind him of what to do or what to look for when it comes to our daughter. Anything I ask about his response is " I don't know". I get home from work and I ask what and when did she eat last? " I don't know" he says. Well what do you know? he doesn't pay attention to her stock of diapers, or if she's gonna run out soon. I always have to tell him to get diapers a week ahead of time, because it takes him 2 weeks to remember to get them. He's Mr. Tomorrow, everything is I'll go tomorrow, and tomorrow turns into next month. He's never forth coming financially when it comes to buying her things she needs as a growing child. Never once has he asked if she needs anything with in the 1st year of her life! I always have t say "she needs this or that". Now I take it upon myself to buy everything and not even ask him. If I need money, I have to pay him back, we're a unit, in a relationship, why do I have to pay you back? I'm the mother of your child. I went from fulltime to part time at work so I could stay home more with her and not pay a sitter every week. So we could save$. I sacrificed my financial stability to stay hme as much as possible to raise our daughter, I feel like it's every man for themselves in my household and it shouldn't be. Everything should be equal and it isn't. If I'm struggling, why does he just sit back and let me? I don't see him losing sleep over anything. As a provider of his family why is he so financially greedy? We were paying more when we both worked fulltime. I wake up with her majority of the time, I tend to her 95% of the time. I do all her shopping, paying attention to whats in her drawers & closet. I do all the laundry, grocery shopping, erronds, work, clean the house and he barely helps with anything. He see's I'm sad and fed up and says or does nothing to change or compromise. God for bid if I bring up I wanna talk about issues that need to be addressed. Its WORLD WAR 3 in my house. He gets defensive and mad. When all I wanna do is sit down like an adult and talk, not yell. I never yell when I want to talk seriously about stuff. idk what to do anymore to try to make him see the bigger picture. He never want to do anything, and I'm tired of always being in the house or at work with no adult interaction. I ask him if he has any goals in life, even small goals are good to start with. I'm 31 years old and I don't want to be in this same spot in life 2,3,or 4 years from now. What should I do ?

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