Should I leave or Should I stay?

Tasiana - posted on 12/04/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have 2 kids. One from previous relationship and one with my current boyfriend. We have been together for 3 years. We moved in together after 2 months of talking. I live in Texas due to my sons father living here( I wanted him closer bc that was a mistake). So all i have is my bfs family that has helped with the kids. I do sometimes feel that they take my son in bc of my daughter but if it doesnt include my daughter then they wont do anything extra for my son. My bf use to make me feel so special but once we had my daughter and he got sick (He has crohns disease) our relationship has gone down hill. He is also self-employet, due to him being a felon. So the money isnt consistent as mine. He pays the rent but the last two months his mom has paid it bc he hasnt worked. He does get the kids ready and bring them to school/daycare but after that he is with his mom or cousins all day. I ask him why didnt he do things around thehouse? and he says he was in pain all day. But if u can shop then u can clean. We are no married and i feel we were playing house and now i dont like how things are going. He does sound like hes trying but i just feel he could do better adn i could be happier if i was either alone or he pays all the bills.

To include more. He isnt social ( which means he doesnt want to go anywhere and when we do he doesnt look or seem happy so now i dont go anywhere and neither does he)

I try to make him feel appreciated( surprise parties, gifts, cards, etc) and i dont get anything back

Sexually( cant even rememeber the last and he is all about him)

We are 10 years apart so that does come with: i dont know what im talkin about, and he knows more issue but yet he isnt successful,yet

I dont know if i should keep trying for the kids or just figure out how to handle the house without him and make him help through child support. I love him but im not happy and i feel he is stuck in his ways. I have talked to him about it but only changes for 2 days.

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