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Nine years ago I left my husband when my youngest was 5 weeks old. For 4 months I received child support until he put stop payments on the remaining cheques. I didn't receive support again until I signed up wth FRO (family responsibility office). They told me they couldn't recover the 10 grand plus of unpaid support but could get my child support from that day forward which was 2 years ago. At first I was happy with their service but last winter had a period of 3 months unpaid (which once he started paying again he had a a very small amount added to each payment until he was caught up). Today marks the 5th month that I haven't received support. I know the law states that access and support are 2 seperate issues but I'm frustrated. He is court ordered to have access one weekend a month. He has a 14 hour round trip drive to see them that weekend plus food to accommodate their expensive special diet. I know that he has to be spending 200$ just to see them for the weekend. I think it would be more responsible for him to skip a visit and use thatt 200$ toward support. As well, I am slowly fully paying off the debt that we shared and fully payed for our divorce. His measly 500$ a month is nothing in comparison to what I spend a month to raise and maintain my kids. What can I do? FRO isn't doing much in the way of enforcement actions. I am ready to ask him to let my new husband legally adopt my kids so that he doesn't have to worry about support and the kids can carry the last name of the man that actually DOES support them to me making him their real dad even though he's not biological. Help! I'm frustrated beyond belief!

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