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Hi! My name is Katie. I am a stay at home mom of 4 kids and 2 puppies. My oldest Kaiey will be 5 in Nov. My son Zachary turned 3 in March. My 2yr old Ava was born July 31st. And my youngest Samantha was born 09/09/09. We have a 4month old male pit bull who belongs to my husband but has become another of my babies. His name is Coon. And my oldest was given a female pit mix by my BIL as an early bday present. She is a day older than my youngest. Her name is Sparkles. Our house is a crazy house sometimes but wouldnt change it for a thing. My oldest was born at 33wks. She weighed 4lbs 4oz and was 16in long. She is still not on the regular growth chart but the doc isnt worried abut it since her growth is steady. What she lacks in size she makes up for in brains. She can count to 20 in english, 10 in spanish, knows her ABC's in both, can write and reconize her name, and she just learned to tie her own shoes. Kailey is home all day with all the younger kids. I feel sorry for her but she doesnt seem to mind. She didnt get into preschool this year because they were filled up. Kailey has made her point that she is not a little kid anymore. She will tell me when Dora and Diego come on that she is not a little kid anymore and can she please watch PBS kids. The younger one really dont mind as long as its cartoons. Kailey is really starting to get her own personalitily. Before she like everything I did and now she likes to pic out her own clothes and food. And most of all she loves being the big sister.

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