my daughter will be 4 in nov and she still not talking clear yet should i be worried ?


Masa - posted on 09/25/2009




hi, my daughter will be 4 nov 25th she can speak well but some of her words are not clear but the doc says that she is fine. Every kid grows at their own rate. my oldest daughter 7 now but when she was 2 she spoke like an adult. I would wait until she goes to school she should get better by then. Remember these are still kids!


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Natalie - posted on 10/01/2009




speak to your health visitor about refering you and your child to speech therapy. its actually a class that teaches u how to speak to your child to make it easier for them to pronounce words. my son and i only needed 1 session

Sarah - posted on 09/28/2009



13 should be concerned. Articulation problems in a child who is almost 4, should not be too bad. They should be understood by strangers more than 70% of the time.

you can call your local school system and ask for a speech evaluation under the Individuals with Disabilties Education Act ( IDEA). If your child is deemed to have a communication "disability" the school is obligated to provide them with speech services for free.

My son said 12 words at 2 years old. At 27 months old he was evaluated by our local early intervention program as having a 12 month expressive delay. he got 9 months of private speech therapy for free, and it helped quite a bit. When he turned 3 he got into special needs preschool . he gets speech once a week there, plus the local board of developmental disabilities pays for him to get private speech one time a week. The funniest part of this, to me, is that strangers compliment how well he speaks!

Sharon - posted on 09/25/2009




Hi my son will be 4 in November as well. He started school, we put him in a preschool program to see how it went and he loved it. Now with school actually here he still loves. the teachers did recommend a Words in Bloom program for him from the Health Unit. It will help him to pronunciate his words better. He can be understood by people, but what's the harm in a program that will benefit him and be free until he reaches 5 years old. He is in a french immersion at the school, and his french that he does say sounds good, it's just his english, even though i only speak english, my husband is bilingual. I am trying to learn french at the same time. Tell you that's a chore for me. LOL

Stacey - posted on 09/24/2009




i would be contacting early intervention , or burnside (any other early child hood agencies that offer support and programs for parents) to get some professional advice on the matter - if there is a problem it would be better to find out sooner rather then later to nip it in the butt before it comes a real struggle esp as she gets older towards school age ... most of these agencies are free also - and thats what they are there for :) hope this helps

Annette - posted on 09/23/2009




Yes I believe you should be worried...My step-Mom is a speech path...and one of my children was not speaking clear at 3 and she recommended that he should be seen for a screening

Christy - posted on 09/22/2009




My son is also turning 4 in Nov and he too is hard to understand most of the time. He will talk your head off but you really have to listen close to get even just part of what he's saying. He has a 7 year old sister and I had hoped that that would help him but it doesn't seem to be helping. On the other hand my 16 month old daughter can already say so much so clear. She can speak in short 3 word sentences. I guess it's just all about the child. Every child will progress differently. I hope that going to pre-k next fall will help get him on track. He's very intelligent..he already knows all his abc's and 123's, shapes, colors, ect. It's just his speech.

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It's never good to worry, but it might be a good idea to just see a speech therapist. My daughter is the same age and speaks just like a little adult, as do most kids her age that we have been around. If she has siblings older than her this can some times cause a delay. Either way just seeing someone to make sure there isn't a problem will give you peace of mind if nothing else.

Bonnie - posted on 09/19/2009




yes and know i no expert but wandering if seeing a therapist might ghelp if thats what goes on with kids ... but from what i learnt and know that all childern learn and go threw developmental milestone at their own pace ! give her another 3 - 6 months to see how she is not progressing go seek some form of help ! my lil one had the same problem at the age of 2 a couple of ppl told me that she had not bein saying to much for her age ... but infact they were wrong she was progressing at a great rate ... those mums also had 2 yr olds but that were 8 months apart so of course she is not going to be as advanced as her ! goodluck and remember they all progress in their own lil ways :)

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