November 2006 Babies

This is a group open to all mothers with babies born in November 2006. Brag about your beautiful little one, share stories and pictures, ask questions, give and receive advice.


Need Birthday suggestions

My daughter will be turning 9 and has a birthday in November. Beings it colder outside- options are limited. We have every party there is: bowling, indoor swimming, skating,...


"How do you stop the back talking?"

i feel that if u can make the mess u can clean the mess so how do u get your 4yr to stop telling u what they r not going to do? plz sumone tell me b4 i hurt this boy. everyday...


Birthday bash but on low budget

My son is turning 3 years old this November 14. You know, with kids, they wanted to have cakes, lots of food, guest, and lots and lots of balloons. How can I work with this on...


Irritable Hip

Hi has anyone come across this. My two year old has been diagnosed with it?


A "growing" problem

My son is just shy of 4 he has recently become a bit obsessed with his penis. If he gets hard he insists on playing with it. we have told him its not nice to do that in the...



my three yr old doesnt listen to me she yells back at me and says things i never thought she knew how do i get her to behave and listen if anyone has any gd advice pls help me...



My three year old just started pre-school today. She had homework: Circle the letter that the picture begins with. The teacher told me whatever the homework is was the...



My daughter (23 Nov 06) no longer sleeps during the day (until Easter this year she was still napping 1 hr at nursery, we live in Italy where children have afternoon naps until...


problems with potty training

my son was 3 years old (16 november) i have been wanting to get him out of nappys for awhile now but he has no interest what so ever.i have tried with the potty & the toilet...


need help with discipline!!!

my son is was born on november 11 2006. his father and i seperated when he was about six months old. his father only has anything to do with him when it is convenient for him....


Tips on teaching

We keep trying to get the kids to learn there numbers and letters but our three and half yr old won't pay attention or do anything unless his older sibling is around and even...