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Time to Eat

Megan - posted on 01/13/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a stubbon eater. He is picky and just does not want to eat sometimes. Sometimes he will love certain foods, other times he will not touch them. He is like that when it comes to everything though, very stubborn and all about doing what he wants, when he wants. I need some food ideas that he might like. What do your 2 year olds like to eat. Any creative ideas? Any ideas will be helpful please!!


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My daughter loves spaghetti, macaroni (anything that has macaroni in it), chicken (baked, breaded, etc), sweet potatoes, cereal (holy moly she eats a ton of cereal), and whatever we are eating.  We found the key to getting our daughter to eat was eating in front of her.  If it is on our plate she wants it.  She may have the same exact food on her plate, but only wants to eat off our plates.  Chunks of cheese is a great snack so is yogurt.  Your son will eat if he gets hungry enough.  Cheese and apples make a great snack. 

Melissa - posted on 01/21/2009




My son is the same way. Some nights he will eat all his broccoli and then eat all mine and my husband's too ... it's like he can't get enough - other nights he will instantly take it off his plate and refuse to eat it.   He likes veggie bites ... they make a spinach cheese one.  He also loves fruit, so he eats a lot of fruit.  We also try to buy things that are baked not fried, so baked chicken nuggets, etc.  We also keep offering the same foods over and over.  Like Michelle said ... he won't starve.  Here's an idea of what he ate today ... breakfast: rice krispies with whole milk and a banana and orange juice ... snack: cheese stick ... lunch: baked chicken nuggets, diced peaches, roasted carrots (leftover from dinner), and whole milk ... snack: granola bar and juice ... dinner: tortellini with chicken and cheese inside (no sauce), garlic bread, avocado, watermelon, yogurt and juice ... snack: juice popsicle.

I also use things he likes to get him to eat other things ... he loves yogurt so I will ask him to eat something first and then he can have a yogurt.  He is just now starting to understand this concept and it works well.

Good luck ... feeding a toddler is tough!

Michelle - posted on 01/19/2009




Hide healthy stuff in the food he likes...carrots in spaghetti sauce, spinach in macaroni & cheese,...I've heard of putting veggie baby food in things too...pretty brilliant! Just remember...he won't starve! My son has weeks where all he will eat is hot dogs and chicken's just a picky age...just keep trying, that's ALL you can do!

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