Potty Training - will only pee standing up!

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Potty training was going so well but I've hit a delimma we just can't seem to solve. My daughter has been an eager participant in potty training, we have talked about the potty for months and had her sit on the chair often. So far, so good - she tells us when she needs to go potty, she runs to the potty and sits on the chair. We had a few succeses at first. However, she has a hard time peeing while sitting down. I think with diapers she peed standing up so she just doesn't know how to make it work while sitting! If she were a boy peeing standing could be managed but girls just don't work that way.

So right now she runs to the potty, takes off her pants, sits down and then the second she starts peeing she stands up! If we tell her to try to sit down she just holds it then either has an accident or she goes in a corner and pees so she can pee standing up. Its clearly stressing her out because she WANTS to pee in the potty, she just doesn't know how.

Similar issue with poop in the potty, but at least for that she knows she can squat on her potty and she has sort of figured it out (in fact, that is the only time we actually 'pee' in the potty right now...)

Any idea how I can get her to practice peeing sitting down???


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She actually does come to the bathroom with us - we started doing that at 10 months to start introducing her to potty terms. We were making good progress at training at 18 mo actually (She would pee but not poop on the potty, and she wasn't always able to tell us when), then her daycare teacher went away for 2mo and she totally had meltdowns/regression so we backed off. So anyway, here we are again almost 6 months later and we still will not pee on the potty. its almost worse that we USED to and now stopped. Argh! I have just tried everything from boot camp to just taking her every morning/night/etc. Somehow a few months ago she figured out that she can pee standing up, and now that is all she wants to do, potty be dammed. We haven't tried the big potty yet, maybe that would help if its more like our potty.

Valerie - posted on 05/06/2010




I know for girls and boys it's different but for my 2.5 year young daughter I started introducing the BIG Potty to her when she was 9 months. So she's never had any major problems.
HOW TO: First I would take her into the bathroom (If your comfortable, take her to the potty with you when you have to urinate - show her/as well as describe what your doing when you go potty. (Mommy first takes her pants down, then she sits, then she goes peepee....) She'll see that your not having any issues and will be less stressed when it's her turn to go. After you wash your hands - tell her (See, Mommy went to the potty! I'm a big girl) She'll soon want to join the Big-Girl Club)
To make it easy for yourself and your daughter (depending on how much liquid she's drinking throughout the day) I would purchase a timer. - Kneel and talk to her about the timer, explain that you will both go into the bathroom when the timer goes off. (At first put the timer for 10 min) When it goes off - look to her and say, "The timer is going off - what do we do now?" If she doesn't answer - You say, "It's potty time!!" (SMILE BIG) - Walk her into the bathroom and ask if she remembers what Mommy did when mommy had to go potty. (She may or may not connect yet, but she will get there). Let her know the potty is fun. Keep her on the potty for no more than 3 minutes (allowing the faucet to run, while she's on the toilet will stimulate her brain & allowe her bladder to empty. You can kneel down with her while she's on the toilet or pretend your washing your hands. If she goes potty jump up and down and clap loudly and cheer - show her your SUPER HAPPY!! Allow her to flush. I suggest posting a sticker/stamp chart - Allow her to put the sticker/stamp on a (monthly calendar with 3-4 potty slots (Monday (1st potty) (2nd Potty) (3rd Potty) Tuesday (1st potty)...etc... to show her she's growing and able. She'll see how happy you are and want to repeat it. Gradually add days as the weeks/months pass - soon you will no longer need them.
For the first 1-2 months I would use Pull-ups - after that switch to (her favorite character) undies. Accidents: If your daughter has an accident don't make a big deal out of it, just be calm and change her. (when she starts undies: allow her to be wet for 2-3 minutes, she will begin to realize she does not like the wetness & will ask to be changed after time she will no longer pee on herself).
TIMER: Do the 10 minute introduction 2-3 times, then put the timer for 1-2 hours- depending on how much liquid your daughter it taking in.

STAY HAPPY!! You only get to potty-train her ONCE! Good-luck!


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Missy - posted on 04/20/2010




I wish I could help but I'm sort of having the same problem but my daughter wont sit on her potty at all because she wants to pee like daddy and she has a fit when I tell her she cant. And she thinks she is suppose to go outside not in the bathroom. I keep telling her that she's not a boy but she just smiles and stands up and says me pee, so good luck I hope we both can figure out how to help our children.

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Do you ever have her go in the bathroom with you? Maybe a little explanation is needed on how girls have to pee/poop sitting down whereas boys can pee standing AND sitting, but need to sit to poop. ??? Just an idea. Our son, who is 4, has always sat to go pee at home .. so our 2.5 year old daughter is use to seeing him sit on the potty. (He only stands when we're in public places)

Good luck!

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