What Age Should You Start Toilet Training??


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Hi Emma - I have read that the best time to toilet train a child is between 2-3 years. I found this awesome image that showed how childrens bladders work, but I cant find it anymore! Basically - when a baby goes to the bathroom a signal is sent from the bladder to the base of the spine instead of going to the brain. So infants and babies dont even realize that they are going to the bathroom because their brains never get the message. Around the age of 2-3, the bladder starts sending signals to the brain that it is full. Since the child is now aware of the feeling that they have to go potty, they can control the release of the bladder. Every child is different in when they develop their awareness, so I would just use the cues your child is giving you. If they start indicating that they can feel they are going potty, then its time to start training them.


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hunni i think it depends on the child! summer will sit on her potty after every nappy change so she is used to it . i believe when they scream cos there in a dirty nappy and is dry through the day then thats a good time to start! maybe do what i have doen for a few months now after every dirty nappy i sit her on the potty only for a few secons and npw she knows what it is for i say potty and she goes and gets it i think its a big start to potty training i would expect summer to be potty trained for another year yrt tho main thing is not to force them they will do it when they ready unbless there quite old

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my mum told me that i was out of nappies by this age. "god i must b good": that was my reply when she told me. im in no hurry 2 have my daughter out of nappies.

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the best time to start is when ur child wakes up from a nap dry cause that means that the bladder is strong enough to hold..... dont rush it every child is different

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I've started to interduce the potty to my baby when she was about 10 months (14months now) she has used it a few times but she's not quite there we're she doesnt wear diappers. good lick

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