22 month old and 7 week old?

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Just wondering if anyone else has had another baby and how you are coping and what your routines are? I feel like I am getting cabin fever. I have just finished breast feeding and have now introduced formula but I feel like I am just stuck indoors all the time as I dont drive and juggling with baby and toddler is hard. Still I know it will get easier, interested to see your comments to know I am not the only one. How people cope with twins I dont know... Thanks :-)


Rachel - posted on 10/12/2010




I have a 4year old, 22 month old and a 5 month old. It's early days with your new baby and you're still getting used to it. Once you get into a routine things will be easier. I have a double stroller so we can go for walks just to get out of the house when they are driving me crazy! Also try to get in touch with a mother's group or playgroup or something if you havn't already - It will give you an excuse to get out of the house, a well needed break and gives you some social time with mothers in a similar boat to you and gives your toddler a chance to play with other kids.

Kim - posted on 10/01/2010




I have a 22 month old, an 8 month, a 4 yr old and a 10 yr old. There are days where it is more difficult than others, but once you establish a good routine it will get easier. I would normally get up feed the baby, get her dressed for the day and spend a few minutes alone with her. By then my 4 yr old would be up and my 1 yr old would be up. I'd dress them, feed them and get them situated. The best thing I did was try and get my 1 yr old and the baby to sleep at the same time. That gave me a little break from kids and a few minutes to myself to at least shower. Just keep reminding yourself that it does get easier. My husband is in the Navy and was deployed from when the baby was 3 1/2 months old til 6 1/2 months. He came home for a month and has been gone for a month already and won't be home anytime soon so it can be done. Good luck!

Amy - posted on 09/16/2010




I also have a 22 month old, and a 7 week old (born July 29)! I stopped nursing when she was about 5 weeks old because I could not handle my toddler while I was stuck on the couch with the baby for an hour or more at a time... Formula has DEFINITELY made my life easier. I know how you feel about having cabin fever. My youngest doesn't like going for walks, and will only tolerate being outside for maybe 5 minutes at a time. So I take my toddler out when the baby is sleeping. It seems like I can only get things done when the baby is sleeping, as she only plays on the floor for a few minutes at a time. I guess the biggest thing is allowing my toddler to help with the baby as much as possible so she doesn't feel neglected and angry. It's really nice now though, because most days they at least take a nap at the same time, so I have about 2 hours or so that I can either get chores done or have some "me" time. Don't feel bad if you push laundry back a little longer so you can read a book or watch a show while the kids are sleeping! Actually, nap time is when I like to do some exercising. It invigorates me and puts me in a better mood for "round 2," when the kids get up. Sorry for the rambling! I didn't know there would be another mom on here with a 22 month old AND a 7 week old! Good luck! P.S.- My morning cup of coffee always makes the day start smoother. Add something for yourself to your daily routine.


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Krista - posted on 10/14/2010




I have a 22 month old and a 6 week old and I definitely know what you're talking about. I try to take a walk to the park at least once a week with my kids. That way my 22 month old gets to play outside and get some energy out and the baby can sleep in her stroller. Breastfeeding is definitely SO hard right now. My toddler gets upset when he asks for something and I can't get it for him because I'm feeding his sister so he usually goes and gets into something he knows he shouldn't just for the attention. I'm trying to just take it one day at a time right now. Giving your toddler a job as your "helper" is definitely a must! It's great for you and it makes him feel much more included. Luckily I've had great weather lately and my toddler loves to play outside so I can kind of cut him loose in my backyard, but I don't know what I'm going to do once the rain starts.

Melissa - posted on 10/13/2010




Lol yes I'm in the same boat. My baby boy just turned 4 weeks yesterday and I have no concept of time anymore. I feel so bad my toddler is taking late naps and I never get to sit down for too long. I don't have a car either and I don't think I could make it out the door with these two even if I had a car. I'm glad to see that other mothers are switching to formula, because I want to and I was kinda getting down on myself. I breastfeed my girl for 6 mths even though I had problems with one breast (I had a benign tumor). I was scared to even bf this one because everything I went through. Anyway I'm starting to see the benefits of bottle feeding cuz I can't chase one while the other one is latched to the boob!

AUDRINE - posted on 09/30/2010





Debra - posted on 09/28/2010




I have a 23month old & a 4month old. I had a terrible time when my son first arrived. My daughter was great with him but I wasn't ready for another baby. I've gotten on a routine & feel better about 2 little ones under the age of 2years old. It took me a few weeks to get used to it but I'm doing okay now. I try to get both babies down for a nap @ the same time. I play with my daughter when my son sleeps. When my son's awake, I put him in his swing or bouncy. I put a movie on for my daughter when I feed my son. I'm always at home. My husband works full time & I'm a stay at home mom. I get out when I can. When there are errands to run, I do them when my husband gets home and almost always take at least one kid with me so my husband isn't overwhelmed. It will get easier as they get older & as you get on a good schedule. My best friend has a 21month old daugther & 5month old twin boys! She just gets on a schedule & sticks to it. Hope that helped!

Jess - posted on 09/16/2010




i feel your pain...my two youngest are 16 months apart..it will get easier!..we fell into a routine pretty quick after i went back to work...i bought a double stroller so i could take them for walks just to get out of the house!... mine are now 6 months and 22 months and 7.....find things for your toddler to do...mine throws things in the garbage, gets diapers and wipes, and brings me what i need....he feels important, u spend time with your baby, and u have a little helper!

Maybe try to get a sitter for your toddler for a few hours?..or have someone come over and hang out!...hope this helps!

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