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Kayla - posted on 03/31/2009 ( 13 moms have responded )




My son was born on the 15th, only 4 days early but I was wondering should he be rolling now? I try to get him to by putting him on his stomach but he hates it, all he does is cry until I pick him up. Should I force him to stay on his stomach for a few mins each day? Or should I jus let him be? He tries to sit up and can last for about 2 secs lol but he tries.

Also, I think he has stomach issues or something that causes him to be constipated. I've heard of Karo syrup but I was also told that it is not as safe an option as ppl think it is. Although nothing was ever linked directly tokaro syrup, I'm still a little skeptical. Does anyone know of any natural, baby-safe remedies for constipation.


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Amanda - posted on 04/10/2009




Most babies don't like tummy time.  Something I've found that keeps my daughter occupied on her tummy longer is putting a plastic mirror down on the floor that she can look down into as she lifts her head up... babies are facinated with them!

Julie - posted on 04/07/2009




for the tummy issues...I experienced the same thing because of the rice cereal and the iron in the formula. I went to walgreens and got a cereal bottle and i put some puree fruit usually pears or applesauce, delude it with a little water and add a little bit of rice cereal to thicken it up...within a few hours I had changed 4 poopy diapers

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My little one didn't like tummy time either. But I just stuck with it, and put him on his tummy everyday. Never for very long, because I couldn't stand to hear him cry. Eventually he warmed up to the idea and was rolling over in no time! Good Luck!

Teresa - posted on 04/05/2009




my bub was 6 weeks early he has only rolled over once and it was from his back to front some just take a little longer i wouldnt be concerned also with constipation i also have that problem i use brauer natural products the stomach calm his good for constipation other wise babys can go 3 days without a poo but after that u need to get help or just water can help losing up everything to

Kylie - posted on 04/05/2009




My baby is 4 months, 1 week and he just rolled from his tummy to his back yesterday and hasn't done it since. He also HATES tummy time and the only way I've known to do it with some success is to either a. put him on my belly and have him lift up there or b. put him in front of the television ( I know, bad, but he lifts his head up...haha). As long as you do it a few minutes dispersed throughout the day, it will be fine.

As far as constipation, I've also heard of apple juice diluted with water would help with that as well.

Fran - posted on 04/04/2009




Hi Kayla my son was also born on the 15th November (2 days late) and it's only been in the last week that he has started to roll over from his tummy to his back he can't do it the other way yet. He also cried when he was on his tummy so I tried to take his mind off it by putting toys in front of him that he could look at and reach out to. I'm sorry but I don't know about karo syrup but my little boy was also constipated for a while and it turned out he had reflux and is now on three different types of medication the specialist at the hospital said he will probably grow out of it by 6 months.

Cathelijn - posted on 04/04/2009




HI! I worry about these kind of things as well, my daughter is 4 months and 2 weeks now and I hear all these stories about babies her age rolling and she is not doing anything! she did roll ONCE a few weeks ago but she did it when I wasn't watching :-) she was on her tummy which she doesn't mind but got angry and rolled in anger.. she is interested in sitting up and loves to stand up when we hold her but thats it! I guess she will do it in her own time.

My doctor told me to mix some freshly squeezed orange juice with lots of water and give it to her to help constipation.It worked great for Isabelle!

Good luck..!

Kylie - posted on 04/03/2009




honestly... go get a jar of baby food prunes. put a few spoonfuls in with his bottles and shake super well. it'll get him going like a champ!!! all naturally.
also try a little bit of apple juice in his bottle!

Brandi - posted on 04/01/2009




My daughter was born on the 17th. She can roll both ways and can sit up for about 2 seconds also. lol. but that's normal for her. everybaby is different and if you are really worried about developmental delays, talk to your baby's doctor. He'll do those things when he's ready. Try getting a tummy time mat. They are like 15 dollars at Target and they are GREAT for babies who hate being on their tummies!

Also,my daughter has had problems with constipation before and our doctor said prune juice isn't a good idea before 6 months. It can cause ulcers because of their immature digestive system and if you dilute it...it's ineffective. I used 1 tblsp dark karo in a bottle, the next day....she was better! If your baby is eating solids now, you can give him a a Tblsp or two of any fruit particularly apples. That works too!

Kelly - posted on 04/01/2009




www.babydevelopmentnews.com This site will give you a good idea of milestones to be reached by what age. And it will give you exrecises and ideas for helping him begin to enjoy tummy time learing how to roll. i learned about this site early on and my son was able to roll by 3 and a half months. good luck!!

Angela - posted on 04/01/2009




I put Karo syrup about a tsp. in my daughters bottle when she was constipated. I did that until she pooped. Then I stopped. Because then they could start getting use to the sweetness in their bottles. Plus you don't want to give them a tummy ache.

Also, babies will turn over when they are ready. My baby who is 4 1/2 months old turned over back and forth real quick. But I also have 2 other older children who are 9 and 6, they did not turn over nearly as fast as my baby now. Enjoy them being babies they grow up and fly threw milestones WAY to quickly!!!

Christel - posted on 04/01/2009




Mine rolls over but still hates tummy time, I do start off with tummy time and then she rolls over and after a few minutes I roll her over again.
I used little tummys gas relief, I think that grape water works to. I am not sure though so look that up.

Chantal - posted on 04/01/2009




My little guy is 5 months he have been rolling over for 4 weeks now. All babies are different and they all develop at their own pace. My little one also hated tummy time. Within a few weeks he went from really hating it to rolling so if I was you I would continue even if you put him on his belly for a minute or so 5 times a day. I found rolling up a towel or small blanket and placing it under his arms helped so he was able to keep his head up easier and off the floor.

My guy was also constipated. I had to change his formula and he now has 20 mls of prune juice mixed with 100 mls of water. I mix his rice cereal with it and then he usually drinks the rest. Also I have found that peach and apricot can help but be sure to puree it with apple and pear cause if he gets to much peach and apricot it has the opposite effect and he ends up with runny poo. Its hard using laxitives on children cause you need to keep using them. Try the fruit and juice and see how you go.

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