9 month old eating habits

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My daughter will be 9 months old on August 1st and I'm just curious about other 8-9 month old babies eating habits compared to hers. She has a 4-6oz bottle around 6am, then between 9-10am she has a 4 oz bottle and 2 tablespoons of oatmeal mixed with 2 tablespoons formula. Lunch is usually around 2pm consisting of half jar of baby food, fruit, veggie or meat/veggie combo. She'll take a 4-6oz bottle around 5pm, then around 8pm she'll take a 4 oz bottle and 2 tablespoons rice cereal mixed with 2 oz formula. Should we be phasing out some of her bottles and adding more solids in? We have her table foods sometimes, the puffs, cheese, bread but she always makes a face and doesn't seem too thrilled with it although she will eat it..I know any concerns should be taken to the doctor, I'm just curious as to what other Nov. 2008 babies are eating.


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Hi my Son will be 9 months next week, this is what he has every day, bout 7.00 am 7oz bottle, 8.00 cereal, 10.00 fruit, 11.00 7oz bottle lunch at around 1.00 half jar of baby food and yoghurt and some fruit, 3.00 another 7oz bottle, dinner at 5.00 half a jar or jacket pot with cheese or veg and some desert and last bottle at 6.45 before bed - he doesn't always drink all his milk though but some days he does. Hope that helps

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My little guy, born Nov 2, eats like a horse! Our gp said it was ok to start him early (6 months) on solids. In the am he has about 41/2 oz of milk with oatmeal and fruit (apples, pears, strawberries, blueberries, mellon, bananas have all been ok so far). His nap time 2 hours later he usually takes another 3 ozs of milk and sleeps for a bout 2 hours. At lunch he has meat and veg with upto 4oz of water in his bottle or sippy cup. He takes odd amounts of water during the day and another 3-4 oz milk before his afternoon nap. His evening meal is meat and veg again with either milk or water depending what he will take. Then maybe a yogurt/formage frais around 8pm then he goes to bed around 10 with another 4-5oz of milk. The only meat he hasn't liked is tuna, although he loves salmon. He is starting to eat everything diced instead of mashed, although sometimes he mashes it himself on his high chair tray:) For finger foods he gets soft fruit pieces, and loves toast! I can't eat toast infront of him without him screaming until I give him some! The only real problem we have had is that sometimes he gets a bit constipated so I avoid starchy foods for a few days and go back to basics (sweet potatos and peas). I found a great book that really helped with menus and guidlines that are easy to follow "Anabel Karmel's New complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner."

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My son is 8 months today. He was born NOv 28. He takes a 6 oz bottle most mornings when he wakes up then about 2 hours later he gets a stage 3 jar of breakfast food. lunch is about 4 hours after breakfast which is 2 stage 2 jars of food which can be a fruit and dinner type meal or two veggies. Dinner is 4-6 hours later which is either table food or 2 jars of food which would be a dinner type and a fruit or dessert type food. When bedtime comes at 8:00 he gets a 6oz bottle and goes to sleep which sometimes is a fight. In between meals he gets a snack which is either toast with peanut butter or some puffs or equivalent. also, he gets a sippy with juice or water that he carries through the day and a bottle with naps if he fights them, he naps once or twice a day.

Hope that helps some.


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My daughter never really liked the baby food. Once I began introducing her to table food she loved it. Every baby is different though. Kylie was born on the 9th of Nov. She eat fruit and cereal in the AM then veggies and meat for lunch and veggies meat and fruit in the evening. She drinks also aroun 4-5 6 oz bottles.

Her table food consist of the following:

Fruit: Bananas, strawberries, sliced peaches, and sliced apples.

Vegetable: carrots, peas, broccali

Meat: chicken and scrabbled egg yolks

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