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Abigail - posted on 04/07/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




My son is 18 weeks old and does not sleep through the night! He wakes up every 40 mins to hour and is crying.. I have been sleeping on the floor in his room so that I am close bc he sleeps much better in his crib than his bassinet (believe it or not).. He sleeps well when elevated, like in his car seat, but not when on a flat surface.. I tried to get a witch or one of those things that elevates the baby in the crib but he rolls over the sides and off of it! Otherwise, that would work.. He ends up getting really restless and throwing his arms and legs all over while sleeping and seems extremely uncomfortable as well.. I just feel like he has a lot of the symptoms of a baby with acid reflux but the doctors do not believe me.. I do not want my baby on meds that he doesn't need to be on but if he needs something because he is uncomfortable sleeping I would go for that... He has many more symptoms than I am describing but I could go on all day with them.. So if anyone has a child with acid reflux, I am looking for some kind of a solution.. I don't know if I should demand some kind of testing or what.. I do need to start sleeping at night though.. and my baby does too! He is so tired when he is woken up in the mid of the night with this!


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Tanya - posted on 04/10/2009




I suffered from it apparently, my Mum told me they put me on special milk. This was 27 years ago though! lol, go back to the doctors and insist they look into it, for your babys sake

Anca - posted on 04/10/2009




Try to do a lot of baby wearing at daytime, such as wear baby in a front carrier or sling. If baby has acid reflux, keep baby upright for 20-30 minutes after feedings, and make sure you try to burp baby often. small feedings at one time also help, which means more frequent feedings. There could be other causes of waking up frequentl;y, such as not enough humidity in the air (babies have small nostrils and get stuffy nose easily), or ear infection. If it is GERD, try to see if baby's breath smells acidic. Ultimately, some babies are "high needs" and need more of you than others, so in this case trying to have a lot of skin to skin or just baby wearing at day time, helps settle baby at night. Also, taking baby to bed with you helps some babies sleep better, but then, of course, this might go against your parenting principles. Yes, keeping the bedhead elevated at 30 degrees angle helps with GERD and also with stuffy nose. If you diagnose GERD with your doctor, then there is Zantac (RanitidineO), which is not a heavy medicine. also, hypoallergenic formula is to be considered, or if you breastfeed, you could go on a Total Elimination Diet. Many GERD b abies are allergic to food in their moms' diets. Monitor baby's stool also, in relation to certain foods which might make your baby more fussy. Good luck, and make sure you get the support you need from your doctor. If baby doesn't have GERD and is just a high needs baby, then you're doing a great job responding to the baby's needs.

Ashley - posted on 04/09/2009




my son is 5 months and has acid reflux. the way my doctor diagnosed him was when i told her about his spitting up but also about his coughing like he has something stuck in his throat. my mom has acid reflux and he made the same coughing noises as her. he also likes to sleep elevated. i got this really cool device it's called the nap nanny and you can only get it online, but it's kinda expensive. it costs 150 dollars with shipping, but it was the best money ever spent. i put that in my son's bassinet and he sleeps awesome. the website in hope this helps

Sarah - posted on 04/09/2009




Hi my baby had reflux for the first two months of his life. The only thing I can suggest other than zantac (which worked for lochie) is putting a folder (a school 3 ring binder, I hope you call it the same thing in America) under his cot mattress to raise it a bit.

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If formula fed....try Similac "Sensitive"!!  It works great with my son.  The doc also recommended Nutramigen Lipil (made by Enfamil)  ..he has GERD gastroesophegal reflux

With the elevation problem, try putting a pillow or two under the crib mattress.  My daughter gets sick with upper respiritory alot, and this is what i did to help her stop coughing when she slept in the crib....there's no way your baby could roll off this way.  Just make sure the mattress isn't too high to where your child would roll out of the crib.

Wendy - posted on 04/08/2009




my daughter was diagnosed with acid reflux from day two of her life.(massive spitting hours after eating, screaming and aching her back, sleeping horribly all in the first 48 hours --poor kid..) She been on zantac, we hold her up for 30 minutes after feedings, and weigh her formula (soy -based) with a few teaspoons of rice cereal. We also used mylicon drops. she used to sleep on an inlcine, but now sleeps on her back---the good news is we just started her on solids a few weeks ago and the reflux is 10000xx improved--food is heavier and stays:)

Jade - posted on 04/08/2009




my son has acid reflux and it also took about 4 months of talking to my doctor about spitting up for him to believe there was a problem. (the only reason he believed me was because my son decided to spit up all over me while the doctor was in the exam room). He the prescribed him some baby zantac, but my son is still a spit up king. It has improved and he does not seem uncomfortable when he spits up anymore, but he still spits up like an ounce or two at a time so my doctor suggested for him to see a GI. My sister also recently had a baby and she is going through the same troubles that you are, even if she is on the zantac and mylicon. Best of luck to you!!

Kris - posted on 04/07/2009




My baby doesn't have it but I did read up on it and one site gave ways to help. :D

Burp your baby a few times during each feeding.

Keep your baby upright for 30 minutes after each feeding. Avoid a "car seat position" because sitting can make reflux worse in babies.

Avoid feeding too much at one time. Give your baby smaller meals more often.

Keep your baby away from smoky areas.

If none of that works, maybe you should try to find another doctor who will perform the necessary tests for your child because after all, your child's health is important.

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