bad diaper rash

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My soon to be 18 month old son has started developing diaper rash. I've tried 3 different diaper ointments which just work temporarily. I noticed today his bottom was very red and sore. I put aquaphor on him and when he woke from his nap he was fine until the next diaper change red and sore again. I recently downgraded to target diapers and i'm wondering if this could be the reason he's getting the rash? I'm seriously thinking of switching back to huggies. Is there anything else that can help a rash or could it just be the cheap diapers


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Gonna sound really weird - but to dry up the rash ... try cornstarch. Has worked on three different occasions for us - when baby has had really terribly diaper rash. No creams or ointment ... just cornstarch!

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Try a lot of open diaper time. It sounds like it's probably the switch to the different diaper. My son had the same problem. We ended up switching back to huggies too. But try letting him run around bare bum for a while. He'll probably love it! And keep trying the different ointments. You may have to switch back to huggies to see a difference though. Good luck!


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My kids were actually allergic to the huggies, and we had to use pampers, but store brand would leave the rash all over their bottoms wherever the diaper touched, try luvs, it is better than store brand but not as expensive as huggies, might work. Also, if they are teething, that could do it for my boys. My youngest gets a rash everytime he gets new teeth, about a week before the tooth breaks through.

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It sounds like an allergy to me. The brand of diapers may be the cause. If you switch back to the old diaper and this is still happening, then consider the possibility of it being a yeast infection (your doctor should be able to tell you if it is/n't.)
If it is, then creams like nystatin are effective. I find that most people are adverse to the idea of applying such a product, and let's face it, that's only clearing up the symoptoms of an underlying overgrowth of yeast -the rash will most likely reoccur if you don't treat the cause. Cutting out artificial sweeteners and sugar, while adding to the diet PLAIN yogurt and/or probiotics for a couple weeks should help battle the 'infection' of candida.

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Try switching brands of diapers. Regular diapers like huggies, pampers, luvs, etc all have harsh chemicals like bleach in them and it's really harmful to babies. I use 7th generation, earths best and huggies naturals (just stopped huggies naturals because she was getting a rash from them.. i don't fully believe they have no chemicals in them)
look at the foods baby is eating too. we use cornstarch all the time
good luck!

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Try Triple paste... and put a ton of it on day and night. I was on anti-biotics for a while and my son got the worst diaper rash with open sores. Triple paste was the only thing that helped.

Cathy - posted on 05/13/2010




We use Desitin every night before bed and Huggies diapers and at 17 months my daughter has had diaper rash maybe 3 times. I have heard that cornstarch works well too and also Aquaphor.

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We had the same problem, we used bactroban & fissan paste. .

She is more active now, so she sweats in the nappy, so it was more like a heat rash, but here is some info:


IRRITATION: Diaper rash is most commonly caused by irritation and breakdown of the naturally dry barrier of your baby's skin. The constant wetting and drying of the skin along with exposure to a variety of irritating substances causes redness, roughness and can lead to a variety of infections. Common irritants include: urine, stool, bacteria from urine and stool, residues from soaps, enzyme presoaks or detergents, chemicals, perfumes or plastics from "disposable" single-use diapers, rough diaper material, reactions to creams oils or pre-moistened baby wipes (containing alcohol or lanolin).

ALLERGIES: Common causes are: foods, such as wheat, dairy, eggs, citrus, corn. These are the most common, but baby can react to any food, including foods mother has eaten if she is breast-feeding. Other allergens are perfumes, colours and fire-retardancy chemicals in "disposable" single-use diapers; drugs like penicillin or any other antibiotic (again check mother's intake); parabens which form the base of most creams and ointments, as well as lanolin; nylon, polyester or plastic.

Other common causes are YEAST (Monilia) which is usually a beefy red colour with satellite red bumps. TIDEMARK rash occurs around the edges/bindings of diaper or diaper cover. It is thought to be caused by the continual wetting, drying and pressure on the area - just like the tide.


Diaper rash can occur any time your baby is in diapers. However, there are many times when it is more common.
TEETHING - when baby is teething, their urine can become more alkaline and lead to more irritation and breakdown of skin.
NEW FOODS - Introducing new foods often leads to rash. This can be from an allergy to the food, or an irritation from the food protein in the stool.
TOO WET - Babies who are left with wet or soiled diapers for any length of time are much more prone to rash.


Soiled diapers are more likely to cause skin problems since stool contains bacteria, and is an excellent medium for continued bacterial growth. It's important to remove your baby's diaper as soon as possible after a bowel movement. A thorough rinsing with warm water, followed by patting dry, is the most effective way of cleaning your baby's diaper area.

A warm, shallow bath without soap, or with half teaspoon of baking soda helps keep your baby's bottom clean. Overly zealous cleaning with soap only serves to wash off your baby's naturally protective skin oils, making your baby's skin more vulnerable to cracking and infections.

FRESH AIR - Give your baby's bottom as much fresh air as possible. Change diapers frequently, and put your baby on top of the diaper instead of in it when you are at home.

NO PLASTIC - Remove plastic, vinyl or nylon covering so air can circulate freely.

CHANGE FREQUENTLY - Change diapers as soon as they are wet or soiled. Wash your baby's bottom with plain warm water only. Pat dry.

NO SOAPS - Avoid harsh soaps. Washing with mild soap 2-3 times a week is enough. Perhaps your baby is allergic to the soap - even a mild one.

EXTRA RINSE - If you launder your own diapers, try putting them through a second wash cycle in clear water (no soap), or add 1/2 cup of vinegar to any extra rinse cycle. Some parents prefer to boil their diapers for 10 minutes in a large pot, occasionally. Drying diapers in the sun works well. If using a diaper service, ask for a special rinse to help with rash problems.

CHANGE DIET - Eliminate all new foods, and anything you might suspect, in your baby's diet (yours too, if you are breast-feeding).

If the rash persists, you can try to find something to put on it to soothe your baby:

CREAMS - Use a bland, soothing creme. Try to find one with only natural type ingredients. Avoid parabens and perfumes. Vitamin E is usually good. Avoid cornstarch, it can cause yeast, and avoid baby powders which may cause lung problems.

STEROIDS - You can try a weak steroid cream in a very small amount, only for a few days if the rash looks very irritated.

TREAT YEAST - See your health practitioner if it might be a yeast infection. They may suggest using an anti-fungal cream. Avoid sources of yeast in your baby's diet (and yours, if breast-feeding). Try some friendly acidophilus by mouth.

BREATHABLE DIAPER COVERS - Try 100% cotton or wool diaper covers, or hand-knitted soakers to use with cloth diapers. These avoid the problems with plastics, vinyls, nylons and other airless, occlusive barriers.

Most diaper rash will clear up with simple measures. Consult your health practitioner if it persists.


FRESH AIR! Some babies never get a rash, while others need more careful care. Allow your baby some time each day without anything on his or her bottom. Avoid occlusive coverings including "disposable" single-use diapers, plastic vinyl or nylon pants. Use cloth diapers, and change your baby frequently - as soon as he or she is wet or soiled. In a study of one month old infants, those in "disposable" single-use diapers had THREE times the number of rashes and TEN times the number of severe rashes.

Introduce new foods carefully, watching for food sensitivities which can lead to a rash (among other reactions). Change to a milder detergent, if your baby seems prone to rash. Try an extra rinse to get out detergent residues. If you have hard water, use a water softener, or a solution like Borax or 1/2 cup of vinegar in the final rinse to help remove residues as well. Many drugs, including antibiotics, as well as over-the-counter ointments for baby's bottom, can cause a rash.

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My son had rotavirus and got terrible diaper rash. I happened to see on The Drs. show and they recommended using the following mixed together. I swear by it as does my daycare and co-workers. Combine anti-fungal cream (lotrimin) hydrocortisone cream and a diaper cream with zinc (desitin)
I use Target diapers for my son and don't have issues with diaper rash, but every child is different. good luck!

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stop using wipes it happend to my son no creams worked i was even reported to a health vistor but they just said use water n cotton wool that daint help so i just stopped using wipes if it was a wet nappy if it was a poo one u use wipes it worked fantastic n he hasnt had any problems since plus i stick to johnsons wipes i was using all diffrent one especially the cheaper ones but now i buy a bulk packet 5 bags of wipes for 6 pound n they last about a month.

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i also only used huggies because pampers would give her a rash and recently tried parents choice from walmart and they seem to be ok

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my daughter will be 18 mths on May 14 she tends to get really bad diaper rash when she is teething to the point where she will cry for an hour and not let me put a diaper on at that time i let her run around with no diaper for a few hours if i can i tried all different kinds of diaper creams and found that none worked and i went to my doctor and she recommended i try an anti fungal cream and it works like magic it is called Nystatin and it is steroid free i do also put a zinc cream on over top of that because when she pees it will just wash it off

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my son also gets rashes really easy I have had him on pampers since he was born I switched him to a different diaper once and it didn't bother him any and when he gets a rash now I give him an oatmeal bath for 15 mins I sit him in the tub I also let him run around bare bum for 30 mins and it helps alot I put oatmeal in his diaper as well works like a charm just throw 1/3 cup of oatmeal in the blender grind it up dump it in his bath and for his diaper do the same thing my son will be 18 months on may 11th

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hi my son is from nov.1, 2008, and if you tried diffrent ointments and it didnt get better , then it is the change of dippers.. the same thing happend to me with my older son years ago. I had him on huggies since he was born and they were blue color well for his baptisim I changed to pampers cause they were white and his rash started I tried diffrent things and it didnt get better until I went back to huggies any more question just look me up I have 4 kids from age 18yrs to 18mths.

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