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Racheal - posted on 12/30/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




My 2YO has discovered delay tactics when it comes to his night bedtime, more cuddles, change the music, drink of water.I like to stay as close to his normal bedtime of 7.30pm as I can but some nights it's closer to 9pm before we can relax It can take up to an hour and a half to get him settled, despite sticking to our routine. He has a drink before bed and we have just removed the allowing him to have a water bottle with him at bedtime, he has never had or wanted a dummy. We are moving interstate in a week and I know that I will have to fix his routine when we have settled so allowing for this Does anyone have any ideas to stop his delaying bedtime?


Kelly - posted on 01/03/2011




I have a solution for you guys. My daughter used to do the same thing..but now when I put her to bed, I tell her she has to keep her eyes closed for 10 minutes. A two year old doesnt know how long 10 minutes is however I tell her its not long. Every time she starts delay tactics, I tell her to wait 10 minutes with her eyes closed. Without fail she is asleep before "10 minutes" is up. In bed by 7:30 without fail lol.

Kristi - posted on 02/15/2011




I believe we have it mastered (or more likely, my son has it mastered). We have a very structured bedtime routine (that's my son's doing - he's a routined kid!!!). We do snack, tooth brushing, reading a book or two, kisses then goodnight. We usually only have to go in once and tell him to go to sleep and then he's out! 10 minutes from lights out to asleep! YAY


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Sarah - posted on 12/15/2015




Hi all tired mums at bedtime. When i read you are still up at 10pm at night trying to get your little one to first thought is its your own fault im afraid. They are not making you go up and down the stairs.. you are choosing to.
Sounds harsh but if you want to give them a calm full nights sleep and you want some adult time then you need to get tough. Once youve done your reading and routine. Its night night see you in the morning. Tell them straight you are not coming up again and dont. It will take about 4 nights.
Of course they will call down and say they need a drink or whatever they can make up if you keep giving it. Its attention they want.....all the while you give it you are prolongong the process.Not them. Do not engage in conversation or eye contact.. say night night and leave telling them you love them and youll see them in the morning . End of conversation.

Nobody wants a tired grumpy child the next day and all of us need some adult time.

Dont let your child control you. As long as you know there is genuinley nothing wrong and theyve had their love then thats it. Lights out bedtime.Adult time.

They will be happier and you will be too.

Colleen - posted on 03/07/2011




My son since he turned 2 has also tried many tactics to delay the inevidable. I give him about an hour of bedtime routine so I know he's not getting Jipped of mom time. We read books, have some prayers and then I give him about 10 or 15 minutes of mom/Ethan cuddle time where we can talk about the day or do silly songs or something. I have him look at our clock and tell him when it turns 8:30 , for example that we are going to bed. Yes, he still puts up a fight sometimes when he gets into his crib but I give him the choice of me tucking in his blanket or me walking out. He usually will let me tuck him in and then he knows that it is time for bed end of story. You just have to sometimes let them cry about it for a bit. He gets music and I turn the stars on his celing too.

Carly - posted on 02/18/2011




OMG im glad im not the only one. Its a ultimate fight every night to get Lucas to bed, he burrows under the blankets, wants to read a book 20 millionj time, lights on, and off, music on, sound up and down, more water, toilet etc..... We start at 8pm, and some nights hes not assleep by 10pm .... we have to be up at 7.30am so I can go to work and I have to leave him as long as possible then wake him up n hes really grumpy by lunch time at daycare. I gave that 10 mins trick a go at nap time today, he wouldt settle down enough to shut his eyes for even a min, but eventually after about 15 mins of screaming at me and me laying him back down on his pillow every time he got off it he was sound assleep.

Christa - posted on 02/15/2011




So nice to hear i am not the only having the bedtime delay issue. It seems to be getting worse the past couple of months. My Daughter has tried everything under the sun, including calling for help. I am going to try the eyes closed tactic tonight. I really want to get her out of her crib and into her toddler bed but when it takes 2 - 3 hours to get her to go to sleep in the crib I'm scared to put her in a toddler bed.

Kristi - posted on 01/19/2011




I can't co-sleep with my son - he kicks me in the face - he likes to stretch out :)

My son had the FUNNIEST bedtime delay tactic the other night - he kept taking all his clothes off (except the diaper) and then hid them around his room. He then jumped back into bed and started laughing really loud so we would come in, see him and find his pj's. It went on for so long that I finally just rocked him to sleep! Fell asleep by himself no problem last night!!!

Clara - posted on 01/19/2011




We co-sleep, we all cuddle and she falls asleep in daddy`s arms. We talk about our day, we tickle her back, we giggle, we tell stories and we even sing.

Thelma - posted on 01/07/2011




Thanks Kelly, I will try this tactic. Have the same problem like all other mommies. I know when I tell her to keep her eyes closed she does dose off, but haven't tried it at night time.

Melissa - posted on 01/01/2011




With Dulton I do all of the things I know he will ask for half an hour before bed time so its done and then there is nothing for him to request, now it is an organized rush of a half hour but very worth while he sleeps better all night to we just use our nightly checklist, now that we have been doing it for a while to he is bored wiith it as he isnt staying up any later, he is starting to take things off of his bedtime routines we only do snack drink and story now.

Kristi - posted on 12/30/2010




Wish I had more help for you ... my son is the king of delays at bedtime. Not naptime - he's great at that, but bedtime ... erg! he sings, slaps himself, jumps out of bed, hits his head on the wall - gotta love him. So cute when he finally falls asleep though, little noises then out like a light. We are just consistent with him and tell him to "go back to bed" a few times ... we have just decided it isn't something we are going to lose our minds over. He gets there eventually and sleeps about 10 hours a night - works for us!

Like I said, wish I had more help for you!!!

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