Broken clavical (collar bone)

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I'm just wondering if anyone had a baby born with a broken clavical? My little guy was 10 lbs 1oz and on his way out it broke (he's 10 weeks and 2 days old now). Apparently it's very common and sometimes doctors have to break it. He has been back to the orthopedic clinic twice and it's healed fine and I should have nothing to worry about. My question to moms who have had this happen, does your child seem to favor the opposite side? His left clavical was broken and he constantly looks right and his right arm moves way more then the left even now. I even try to move the things that he's looking at to the other side to force him to look the other way, it lasts only a few seconds then he turns to the right again. I've been told not to worry to much about it, but I can't help it.

Just wondering thanks for any replys :)


Melanie - posted on 01/26/2009




I think that as time goes on he will start to go both ways. He will learn that there is no more pain on that side.

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