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Tammy - posted on 10/28/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I was wondering if anyone has taken their LO camping yet. My husband and I are huge outdoors people and we miss camping soo much. We just don't know when the right time to take him out is. We don't have a trailor or an RV, we just use a tent. Also what are some different things to keep an eye for when camping with an 11mo? Any ideas of things we can easily include him in doing while camping? Any other tips will be greatly appreciated! Oh, and I know it's almost winter, but we live in California and usually go out to the dessert areas to camp in the winter, that way it's not too hot during the day but does get a little chilly at night.


Marie - posted on 11/01/2009




We went camping last month. We use a tent and sleeping bags. We brought, I know this sounds horrible, a large dog bed for Alexis. It was clean and never used. Our dog won't go near it. She slept in the bed right next to us with a long sleeper and a blanket. She loved fishing! I think cause it was so pretty and new to her. I had her help me cook, 'bring me that spoon' and so on. We have one of those strap-on carriers, and we wore that, taking turns, when we went for walks on trails that the stroller couldn't go. We had a great time. I wish we lived somewhere warmer like you. It would be awesome to go camping in November!
I have lots of ideas. Don't want to over do it here. :)
Hope this helped a little!

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We took ours tent camping this summer and it worked out great! So around 9mo. old. It was a rainy weekend (not something you'll probably encounter in the desert...) but he didn't seem to mind. He loved all the new sounds and sights and was excited by so many things!

A couple things we found that worked well for us: We took our pack-and-play for him to sleep it, he uses it for naptime a lot so he was comfortable with it. We also made sure we had his favorite blankie (he's a blankie boy) and a portable CD player, because he always listens to music at bedtime. We tried our best to keep bedtime the same routine as much as possible and he went down without a problem both nights.

We found a really easily portable booster seat with a tray that we could strap to the table for meals, which helped a lot. We did our best to stick with a routine that was familiar to him since the surroundings certainly weren't!

We use a snugli to take him on hikes with us, and strapped him facing forward on my front so he could see everything too. He loved it, he was kicking and making lots of happy noises on all the hikes, at least until he fell asleep!

We also made sure we had a campsite with electric, so we could use a small portable heater, that was safe for outdoor use, to make sure he stayed warm enough.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun!


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Tammy - posted on 11/01/2009




Thanks for all the tips!!! We can't wait to get back out there camping again!

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