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Betsy - posted on 01/24/2009




When I was in the hospital, my nurse told me to brush Hailey's hair 3 time a day with a hard bristled brush.  I laughed, but she told me she was serious because if I don't brush her hair she will get cradle cap.  Now, if I forget to brush her hair for a coulple of days and then I go to brush it, she gets little flakes.

Sarah - posted on 01/22/2009




I was told to avoid anything on the market that says it actually gets rid of cradle cap. Olive oil or baby oil should do the trick but then other people have said just to comb it out right at the beginning and it shouldn't build up. Thomas hasn't had it yet although when i think it might be starting i have been brushing it out. Hope this helps x

Amy - posted on 01/20/2009




A little oil or lotion as its just dry skin.  For my son I used to pop oil on and comb the hair backwards as this helped lift it off and out, my daughter has not had this yet.

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