Does it sound like my baby is underweight

Fran - posted on 02/06/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi all my little boy Mackenzie is 11 + 6 weeks old and 2 weeks ago I had him weighed and he was 9lb 2oz. Up until 2 weeks ago I was entirely breastfeeding but have now switched to formula. He has between 4-5 oz every 3 -4 hours. He also sleeps through the night. The last time I had him weighed the health visitor didn't seem too concerned and said that he would probably have a growth spurt or two. The thing is I have been reading updates from some of my friends who had babies at the same time as me and their little ones seem to be so much heavier and on between 7-9 oz. Do you think I should mention something to my health visitor when I see her next. Oh he also has reflux but is never sick so it's not like he's feeding and then bringing it back up. I'm just a little concerned now because you can really see his ribs too especially when he has the hiccups.



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Ashley - posted on 02/06/2009




my son is 3 months old and has only gained 3 pounds but my doctor told me as long as he's gaining it doesn't pose a concern, it's when they start losing that they show concern. my sister's oldest son is now 8 and when he was born he was only 7 lbs and whenever he would get weighed at a check up he was only in the 20th percentile and to this day he is tall and very skinny. i wouldn't be too concerned unless he starts losing. good luck. if nothing else ask your doctor when you take your son in again.

Paige - posted on 02/06/2009




Hi Fran! My oldest son is 2 now but when he was an infant he was always on the small side. I voiced concerns with my doctor when he hit the 12lb. mark at 5 months and gained very slowly from then on but my doctor told me that as long as he was eating well, hitting the developmental milestones, ect. that there was nothing to worry about and he was just a slim baby. Now at 2yr., he's still skinny but is one of the most advance kids in his class when it comes to motor skills and mental development.Oh, my son is also allergic to well, everything but is still really healthy. Keep that in mind when you start table food. I think that my son was so skinny as a baby because he had asthma and food allergies but he was never Unhealthy to a point where it bothered his growth or my peace of mind. Hope this helps put your mind at ease! Paige

Jen - posted on 02/06/2009




I think any time you have a question, you should always ask. It doesn't hurt. Seeing his ribs would concern me. My daughter was born November 5th. She is 3 months old now and weighs over 12 pounds. She was 6 lb 15 oz at birth and is exclusively breastfed. I would mention to your doc or health advisor. He sure is a cutie!! Good luck with everything. I have no advice for how much babies should be eating at this point because none of my kids have ever had a bottle. Oh, and I'm SO jealous that your baby sleeps through the night!

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