ear infection!

Alessandra - posted on 02/25/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




My 15 month old has a ear inffection. It is being treated my amoxicillin. But he jsut sleeps the day away and Im not sure if that is a side effect or not. And when he is up all he does is cry and cry and pull at his ear. How long does an ear inffection last?


Jen - posted on 03/02/2010




i would try sum warm olive oil warmed up in the mirowave not for long n dip sum cotton wool in it n place it in the ear. it wrks wonders while the medicence is doing the other part.

Moni - posted on 03/06/2010




My daughter just recovered from double ear infections while fighting a virus. She slept a lot as well. I would keep him on antibiotics and call your pediatrician if you have concerns, the antibiotics are prescribed for a reason. We did doses of infant motrin as well and that seemed to keep the pain at bay.

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If you want to, for the first few days, try motrin with the antibiotic, because motrin is an anti-inflammatory, which means that since his ears are inflamed and hurting, the motrin will help with the pain. This is what I've done with my son's ear infections, and within a couple of days, he's fine, and you can just continue with the antibiotic until it's finished.

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If your child hasnt responded to the amoxicillin in a few days or is in that much pain..I'd suggest calling or taking him back to his pediatrician and let him know whats happening. They have medicine that will completely deaden the pain if they see the basic amoxicillin isnt working or they may have to switch him onto something entirely different. Plus you want to always watch to make sure he isnt having an adverse reaction to the medicine and since they cant tell you how they are feeling, constant crying along with unusual sleeping patterns is signs you should tell your pediatrician immediately. Its better to be safe and cautious when it comes to your baby's health and you definately dont want to leave your little one in pain.


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a month or so ago my son had a bad double ear infection, amoxicillin didn't fix it so after finnishing that up they put him on something stronger that gave him diareah, thus a really bad rash. ear infections are painful to watch them go through, i got them alot as a kid so i know how much they suck. sleep is very good not only when they have colds but with something like this. you're lucky, Isaac couldn't sleep well at all for a few days before meds kicked in.

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My son just got over a very serious undiagnosed ear infection that caused his fever to go so high that he had 2 seizures! The pain and stuff lasts for about 10 days. But the amoxicillin is just treating the ear infection but not taking the pain away. It really helps if you alternate motrin and Tylenol. The Motrin can only be taken every 8 hours but if he needs it you can give him Tylenol in between. That really helps with all the pain they are in. And the sleeping really helps so let him sleep as much as he can!

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I would find a baby friendly chiropractor. When are kids say there ears hurt, we know that they may need a spinal adjustment. Our chiro adjusts them, pops their ears and does some massage and we have never been on antibiotics. Our chiro always looks in their ears with the otoscope(sp?) to make sure that they are not totally inflamed. He could also be getting molars. Because your ears, nose, and mouth are connected, teething can cause ear pain. The reason we do the chiro first is because most dr through around prescriptions for antibiotics like candy, we only use pharmaceutical drugs as the very last resort. A small drop of warm olive oil in his ear canal might ease his pain. hope this helps.

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