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Having trouble getting my daughter to drinking from a sippy cup, need tips/advice how to go about it

Tiffany - posted on 10/01/2009 ( 14 moms have responded )




My 11 month old daughter isnt drinking from a sippy cup that well and Im running out of ideas to get her to drink out of one. Im not too sure if Im using the right ones for her or is she having troubles transfering from bottle to cup. I would really appreciate it if anyone on here can give me tips on how to teach her to do it and like what kind of sippy cups are best to use for first time cups. Advice is also welcomed:) Thanks Everyone!!!


Melanie - posted on 10/08/2009




My little girl flat our refuses to use a sippy cup she just didnt seem to be able to hold it she can hold her bottle just fine not her sippy cup so we introduced a sippy cup with a straw in it she loves it and now she thinks shes little miss independant maybe you can try a cup with a straw on it the cup she uses is made by Tommee Tippy it has a secure lid on it to close it when not in use maybe give that brand a go if they sell it where you are


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Bella - posted on 10/07/2015




I tried a ton of traditional sippy cups with my first son and he was never really able to drink from them easily. He liked to throw them on the floor from his high chair a lot because he couldn't drink out of them. We just ended up using them without the valves but it was messy. With our second baby I was able to transition my daughter at 5 months to a sippy cup. We tried the new sippy cup by Poli with 3 flows to suit my daughter's needs. She can drink formula out of the cup easily with the easy flow. What's nice is the valve is built in so you don't lose any parts. They come apart to clean easily. I highly recommend Poli sippy cups.

You can get them at

Take care!

Mizzett - posted on 10/19/2009




This is what I did with my son. He would not and still want drink out of the sippy cups that are hard. Find the ones with a soft nipple. That way it still feels in a sense their drinkiong out of the bottle. I also leave the cup or sports bottle on the floor with water in it so he can drink whenever he wants. This way he's learining to drink out of the cup and he's getting his water. Try it I hope this works for your little girl !

Sharon - posted on 10/15/2009




I started with the Philips AVENT sippy cup but used a regular nipple (made for avent bottles and sippy cups) on it at first to get her use to the cup rather then the bottle and then after she got use to it put the soft sippy nipple back on the cup. It took a couple days to get the consept of sucking instead of gumming the nipple ( which they do when nursing on a regular nipple) but she now loves her sippy.

Christina - posted on 10/08/2009




I keep trying different ones too. I am right there with you. The worst part is... they say spill proof but apparently they are not "bubby proof" which is our liitle guy's nickname.

Amy - posted on 10/07/2009




I did the same thing as someone below, i started with a sippy cup with a rubber nipple. I bought a few before i found one i liked, they say no spill but some still do... or at least my son figures out how to make a mess with them. I like the ones from NUK, they have them at walmart. It has the handles that can pop off for when they get older and dont need the handle, and a soft no spill nipple. Try putting formula in the sippy, drip a little in her mouth if she fusses, then she'll know its something she wants. Then when you go to put juice or water in it she'll take to it better. And don't get worried if she doesn't tip the cup up to drink, it takes a bit for them to grasp that concept.

Cinda - posted on 10/06/2009




My daughter would never hold her own bottle, so I was eager to make the switch early. I introduced it at 6 months with the nuby brand. She didn't really do much with it, so I put it up and tried a few weeks later. This time she expressed a little bit more interest, but not much. I started putting it on her high chair tray at every meal, so she could play with it. Then I started feeding her with it the same way I would with a bottle. I held her and the cup for her. She figured out that it had good stuff in it, and got more interested. I then decided to change to a cup that had a top more like an actual sippy cup and not a bottle nipple. I used the Gerber soft spout with handles. I left the valve in (didn't understand how taking the valve out would allow her to learn to suck to get the liquid out) and went through the same process. In about two days, she was using it on her own for at least one meal a day. About a week later, she was using the sippy for 3 of the bottles she would normally have gotten. I loved it. I got down to only washing one cup and one bottle a day vs. four bottles and a couple of cups. I hope this helps.

Annastaysha - posted on 10/04/2009




What I did with my daughter is I use the sippy cups that have handles on the sides, as well as the soft sippy part... that way it feels kind of like a bottle to her, but it gets her into the sippy cup phase...

Tiffany - posted on 10/03/2009




Thanks everyone!! I appreciate the advice an tips on how to go about the bottle-sippy conversion. I plan to take everyones advice in to consideration:)

User - posted on 10/02/2009




My oldest son and I had a hard time with the bottle-sippy conversion. Come to find out he has a high palate and he couldn't get good suction on them, that's why he didn't like them! We ended up using the Nuby cups, the one's with the really long looking spout, that really looks more like a bottle, for about 2 months, and then we switched to the regular Nuby, after that we haven't had anymore trouble! My youngest son is now 10 1/2 months old, and he started on a sippy at 7 months. He likes the Nuk kind, they are hard to find, and about 7 bucks a peice, but the only kind he will use!! They have a soft spout, and are REALLY leak proof!! Good luck in your sippy cup troubles! I hope you find something!! =0)

Cori - posted on 10/02/2009




oh my goodness.. did we try many a sippy cup (and threw away most of them) we got the nuby ones first i liked the lid feature for putting in diaper bag but that was a juice disaster... thank god there were diapers in there to absorb the juice that got everywhere.. we finally settled on the munchkin soft tip ones (we got ours at target) which turned out to be the CHEAPEST ones but worked GREAT... we spent a lot of time holding the sippy for him and letting him chew on the tips once he realized that he could drink the liquid coming out he started sucking more and more.. we also pretended like we were drinking from the sippy cup so he got the picture in his head that this is how you hold the cup and so on...

Cathy - posted on 10/02/2009




I too went through the gamut of sippy cups a few months ago. My daughter is now 10 months and drinks from a sippy all by herself. I read on this forum to try the sippy without the valve in it for a week or more and just be prepared for the mess. My daughter won't drink juice or formula from a sippy but will drink water. We did it and she figured it out. That said we tried the Nuby, playtex, gerber and take n toss. She prefers the gerber and the take and toss ones. Not a fan of the Nuby at all and the playtex ones are a little on the heavy side. She still has a tendency to try and drink from them backwards but she has the idea down and knows that liquid comes out and can do it herself. We think she is ready for a straw so we are going to try that soon.

Kelly - posted on 10/01/2009




I started my son with a sippy cup at about 6 months, when i started giving him baby food. I started with the nuby sippy cup, it has a soft top that feels like the bottle top, they are not really "spill proof", my son would just bite on the top and tip it up and all the water/juice would run out, but after he got used to using a cup, about a month, i switched to the gerber sippy cup with handles, they still have a soft spout, but have a valve, and do not leak.....i would just keep offering a sippy cup to her and she will get used to it, also if you offer it to her about the time that she would want a bottle, she will be hungry/thursty and more likely to drink at least a little out of it...good luck....

Kristi - posted on 10/01/2009




I tried 8 sippy cups (to the tune of $50!!!) and realized that my son just isn't a sippy cup guy - he's a straw kind of guy. I don't really have advice on how to get your daughter to use a sippy cup, my only advice is that maybe she doesn't need to use a sippy cup ... there are other ways to drink from a cup!

Good luck!

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