How do I stop my 21 month old from climbing on things??

Laura - posted on 08/30/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




how can i get my daughter to stop climbing on her high chair and climbing out of her travel cot in the morning before i get up. plus she wont sleep in her ready bed i bought her do u thinks shes still to young hope any of yous can help me thanks laura g


Sherrie - posted on 09/09/2010




lol. I removed the foot rest on the high chair which my son used to climb up his high chair. Now it is impossible for him to do it.


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Melanie - posted on 09/15/2010




We had the same problem what we ended up doing is restricting her on what she can climb and put e.g her high chair etc out of the way when not in use she soon got bored of trying to climb things and has moved on to bigger and better things e.g stickers they are every where i found stickers inside my washing machine the other day and stickers in my stockings for work on my handbag but thank goodness none on the walls yet watch this space .......................!!!!

Amanda - posted on 09/13/2010




Yep I too have a monkey... climbs on anything he can, kitchen table is a fav of his, lol. I just make everything I can safe for him and keep consistent with what he should not do .....tell him why he can not climb on the kitchen table etc... and hope that he'll soon grow out of it!

Kristi - posted on 09/11/2010




I don't know if we can really teach this "fun" thing out of them. They are learning how to use their bodies ... and climbing is something fun to do. Just trying to teach my son when it's safe and when it's not - although he's definitely the kind of kid who needs to find out what happens, so I have let him crawl onto his little highchair (not a huge one) and it fell ... he cried for 5 seconds then was over it - and hasn't climbed it since ...

Jennifer - posted on 09/10/2010




My son started climbing the bookshelves at 9 months and has been giving me gray hairs ever since. I think it's just in their nature to explore and climbing is just another challenge.

I do notice that the climbing at home increases when he hasn't had enough playground time. It's been rainy the past few days and today he was just climbing the walls (okay, almost literally). That's when I take the couch cushions off and both kids have a ball making cushion hills and jumping and climbing.

Kelly - posted on 09/09/2010




My son, out of my four kids..he is the youngest and the has climbed and figured out everything! He climbs into his Highchair and trys to get out, he also kniws that his hichair rolls around so now he pushes it to the counter and trys to use it to get to higher counters. He climbs onto the kitchen chairs and stands onto the table, and can open just about everydoor in the house. He hax only gotten out of his crib 2xs. But still scary to think that he cojld potentially get out of his bed open the door and get into misscheif when we are all sleeping. But i do have all my cupboards and drawers secure so he is not able to get into them. I have never seen a toddler do what he does and i have 4 all together. So as an experienced mother, i think he ll get over this but I dont think threre is much you can do besides keeping things secure and constantly keeping an open eye on them. He is def my little monkey!!! But makes me smile everytime he does something I would never imagine he could at this age!!

Helena - posted on 09/08/2010




Sorry to say I don't think you can stop her. My 22 month old is such a little monkey, climbing on everything he can. He climbs out of his cot, grabs a chair to climb up on the kitchen work top and climbs all over the sofa and then falls off and hurts himself. He doesn't see the danger in what he's doing and even though we've told him not to again and again, he still does it. It's just a part of exploring the world around. At this age they are so inquisitive and desperately want to be independent. It's just a phase and it will pass, just like all other stages they go through. The only thing I would recommend is to keep all places your girl can reach safe, free from kitchen knives on the work top, etc etc, and comfort her when she falls and hurts herself. Then she'll get the support to explore with as much safety as is possible for little climbers. Good luck!

Laura - posted on 09/01/2010




she has not climbed out her cot for a few days but always tries to climb out her high chair but the only thing she cant get out of is her buggys. she opens the doors in our kithen but everything in her room is safe for her to play but most of her toys are in our livingroom.

Nikki - posted on 08/31/2010




My youngest is quite a climber as well. I really do think it is a phase most toddlers go through-my son has not climbed out of his crib yet, but he is CONSTANTLY climbing on the chairs and up to the dining room table. He climbs on his train table, and he is trying to figure out how to use the pots and pans cabinet as a stepping stone up to the counter top.
We have his dresser anchored to the wall and we used magnetic locks on the drawers so they can't open even a little. I was afraid if he could open them at all, he would climb it and it would come toppling over on him.
I have no advice on this issue-but I sure hope others have good ideas....I could use some help, too!

Maggie - posted on 08/31/2010




If you find out please let me know. I think that it is just a phase that they are going through. When we moved my DD to her toddler bed we thought we were going to have to put a gate across the door to her bedroom so that she couldn't get out. It just so happens that she started co-sleeping with us then. That way when she gets up she can't get out of her room. Just make sure that her room is baby proofed. Then she can play with her toys until you get up.

Have you thought about folding up the high chair or lowering the tray so that you can push it into the table between meals. I went through this with my DD a few months ago and I got so frustrated that I went out and bought a booster seat (which she loves) and have since stored the high chair.

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