I have a four month old son, when is the best time to start rice cereal?


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Natalie - posted on 03/06/2009




My daughter is just 4 months and I have started giving her begginers Pablum and she eats a rice rusk cookie every day.

Wendy - posted on 03/06/2009




it all depends on your child---my daughter four months and beginning spoon feeding cereal and will be moving onto yellow and orange foods in about two weeks on doctors advice due to her reflux problem and sheer size (she's like the size of a six month plus in height and weight)..

[deleted account]

ok so after reading most i figured i would let you know my story. my babies doctor said that i could start as early as 2 months just puting a little in the bottle at night before my son goes to bed and it worked miracles. he began to sleep through the night because he was finally full and it is the only bottle that he never spits up after. but definetly waiting til 4 months to feed with a spoon just so they are more steady and all of that. hope this helps. 

Marina - posted on 03/05/2009




My baby is 4 month old. I tried to give him rice cereals and he ate it for 3 days and after that he just don't want to swallow it. He even look like someone who's gonna throw up :) I on pause with cereals for now, but I'm gonna try after week again.

Sarah - posted on 03/05/2009




it all depends on when u think ur babys ready...i started my 4month old on rusks at nite and cereal (baby) in the morning with her usual bottle,at the age of 3 months,as i felt she was ready,,and guess wot she taken 2 it wonderfully,so like i sed..its all down 2 when u feel ur baby is ready to start solids...not wen the health visitor thinks its best...like they say...NO-ONE KNOWS UR BABY BETTER THAN U DO!..(and i also done the same with my 4yr old)

[deleted account]

anywhere from 4 to 6 months is the recommendation that I have heard. I have done it with my oldest two at about 4-5 months. However, take into account if your baby can sit up without much support and has a good tongue reflex. They will not take much at once. Usually just a couple of tsp. Be sure to make the first offerings of cereal pretty diluted, because you want to be sure they can swallow well. Good luck! Have your camera ready. I see this is your first! There will be some cute pics of some messy faces!

Rhiannon - posted on 03/04/2009




I have an almost four month old daughter and was told that if we wanted to we could start her on cereal at four months. I am breastfeeding only and she won't get any cereal until at least six months but probably longer. There is a lot of controversy whether to start at four months or six months or even wait longer. Our son who is almost five started cereal around eight months and even then he did not get a lot. He was breastfed until he was 2 and did not receive much "baby" food until he was close to a year.


Some Food For Thought: Some friends of mine have a son who is now seven months. He slept through the night at one month. At four months they began to give him rice cereal and he hasn't slept through the night once since.

Caitlin - posted on 03/04/2009




I asked my pediatrician, and she said i COULD start as early as 4 months, as long as she wasn't having trouble, but she also said that as long as my baby seems to be happy, gaining weight and isn't hungry all the time that the Breastfeeding is enough, but it really depends on the person.

My pediatrician said that if I choose to start feeding her rice cereal, she suggested that I mix it with breastmilk, and not with water, and itwould be more familiar and easier to digest.

[deleted account]

They say you can start at 6 months, but it's best to do just breast milk or formula until 1 yr. Breast milk is number one best thing...I am mostly breast feeding now and then a bottle of formula.

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