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Nayyara - posted on 02/01/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am mom of a two years old son. I work for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. Then my responsibilities at home include cooking, cleaning and laundry. I want to spend some quality time with my son in the remaining time but really run short of ideas. Any ideas ladies?


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hi i was talking to a lady who works at a business locally which helps parents with interating with thier children.
i was having a convo with her about my day and by the time everything is done i simply do not have the energy to play with playdough and tell my dd (age 2) to not eat it a million times, I end up frustrated and feel like it is just too much of a task.
She was telling me of a technique and it was so simple but she said she had, had great results. All you do is choose a few toys (not too many) sit down with your child and simply watch them. If you want to get involed you can ofcource but the main aim is to let your child come to you. It has worked great for me a fantastic way to destress and spend qualitly time with your child without the hastles of making more mess.
Hope this helps xo

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I set an hour a day aside for messy play either play dough or finger painting or cut and stick. Babies love to explore different textures like paint. Buy some ready made paint and short stubby brushes and a wipeable table cloth. Sit down and make a mess together!

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you could make play dough and play with it together, read books, put some music on and dance together, plant some seedlings and get him a little watering can so he can help water the garden. Go for walks and find some treasures to take home, you could play with toys together - my son loves me helping him set up tracks for his trains then i make the little toys waiting for the train talk and he be's he train driver. I take my son to the pools and the park and just playing chasey and throwing the ball is fun and great way to bond.


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Catherine - posted on 04/02/2011




your household duties are delightful to little guys. Just let him help.....quality time and quantity time and you are both happy. Besides, the little guys need to help from a young age so they don't get to thinking they get a free ride when they are teenagers. It's not work to them. Everything is play at that age.

Colleen - posted on 03/21/2011




Sometimes If I'm doing laundry or cooking, I let him help me (in a safe way). He likes to put the clothes into the washer and push the buttons to turn it on. He can put the clothes into they dryer and again push the buttons. If I'm making something that does not involve raw meat, he can help me put it together. He likes to help make our mini pizzas. I also take him to the library to play inthe children's section. We go for walks in the neighborhood, we do playdough, we make art projects and we read books. I also let him play up in his room and I'll sit in there or I will play in there with him. Puzzles together or matching games.

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