Quick meals for 14 month old.

Laura - posted on 01/15/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hi, I have a 14 month old who eats pretty well. The thing of it is, is my husband thinks that Peanut butter sandwiches are the best. If it were up to him, she would eat P.B. sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I try and get him to make more things but he always says it so much easier to give her a sandwich instead of making something. He at least makes sure she gets fruit and veggies for lunch and supper! So does anyone have any quick and easy ideas for things to make for meals?? Thanks


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Kelsey - posted on 01/21/2010




My little girl loves zucchini fritters (i make heaps then freeze them for later), omelette, quiche squares, crackers and dip (i make my own, just some cream cheese and french onion soup mix), cheese, marinated asparagus, gherkins etc.

Natalie - posted on 01/21/2010




Smashed up tinned tuna, cut up fish fingers, nuggets, sausage (skin off) or ham with sauce and chopped;tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, raisins,melon, peaches, banana, grated cheese, grated apple/pear, chunks of steamed cooked carrots, potatoes, pumpkin - GREAT Finger food :)
Scrambled egg with tiny squares of toast

Amy - posted on 01/19/2010




My son loves chicken nuggets and sweat potato fries. I just get em in the freazer section, throw them on a cookie sheet for 10 min, let em cool, and you're done. i saw people mention grilled cheese, and gerber graduates foods as well, those are very easy also. i make macaroni and cheese and put slices of hot dogs in it. Or sometimes i'll have something like pizza or a sandwich for myself and i'll give him bites. I get baby yogurt or chopped cucumbers or animal crackers for snacks, and fruits are always a plus. Tell your hubby variety is good, PBJ is good sometimes but it doesn't have everything they need in it. gerber graduates also has these nutri drinks, they're like flavored milk, good for those days they don't get all the vitamins they need.

Tina - posted on 01/15/2010




Gerber graduates ravioli''s are great cuz there is no sauce so its fast and not messy. My baby loves them they have beef and cheese and mushroom and spinich. Turkey dogs are fast also. My baby also loooves beans. The red kidney beans and black beans and the white. Just buy the canned ones, rinse them and pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds, this is not messy, fast and they can eat them by themselves. canned fruits work good too, bannanas sliced up- oh and dnt forget yogurt, cottage cheese. I give my baby half a frozen go gurt ever now and then for a fast ummy treat, helps with sore gums from teething too.

AMBER HOWELL - posted on 01/15/2010




My son loves toasted cheese. It's simple and quick. Throw a piece of cheese of a slice of bread and toast it in the oven. Takes less than 10 min. That's all my son would eat for awhile.

Caitlin - posted on 01/15/2010




ON occasion, a hot dog tossed in the microwave for 30-45 seconds is great, tasty and you can slice it up so they learn to self feed. Make sure you cut it lengthwise though because it's the perfect size for a choking hazard!

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